William Ernie

My name is William Ernie and I am a woodworking specialist and author at WoodHutt.com.

Carpentry is my passion and love since my childhood as I was very fond of making crafts even at the age of 12 years. At a very early age, I started to take interest in grooving, crafting, and fine arts. So that’s the reason today I am working on different types of big woodworking projects.

Although I love my job , another passion is to hide inside my heart and that belongs to help other people and novices who are struggling to become a carpenter.

In this biography, I will describe some of my life experiences and journey to become a successful carpenter. So if you are a beginner or new to woodworking, then I hope my experiences will inspire you.

Woodworking as a Career

However, I am very passionate about woodworking, my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. They are layers so they decided to put me in the same field as well. But learning law and other stuff like that wasn’t my intention. So soon they understand that my curiosity is in other things.

However, choosing a career in woodworking wasn’t so easy. There were too many risks and uncertain circumstances as well. So making the right decision at the right time was not so easy for me. Most of the people guiding and suggesting to me have made me think about my decision again and make a career in other money-making fields like business, law, engineering, etc.

But I took the risk, I unseen everything and just put a sturdy focus on my dreams and goals. And today, I am not regretting it at all. What I did was a good decision and that’s why today I am working on this big website as a specialist and author.

My Specialties and Certificates

So once I finalized my career then I applied for art and craft education. Below are some of my certificates, specialties, and experiences of carpentry.

I first started my career as a trainee person in the local workshop. Those were the days when nobody was aware of my artwork. However, time flies and we often did not notice it before we have gone through it.

Anyways, here I will share some of my expertise and certificates so that you can get inspiration from my career.

B.F.A. IN STUDIO ART in Furniture/Woodworking
Kean University
Masters in Fine Woodworking
College of the RedWoods
College of the RedWoods
Dakota County Technical College
Diploma in Operating Woodworking Hand Tools
Fox Valley Technical College

Work Experience

I have been in the field of woodworking since 1998. Within these years of experience, I worked in different places, workshops, and companies. So here I will share some of my professional woodworking experience with you.

I started my professional career as a carpentry teacher and I have to teach in different colleges and universities as a teacher of woodworking specialists. Here are some of my former job experiences.

Working As
University of Cincinnati
Teacher of Technology Education/Woodworking
Gateway Community College, Phoenix
Carpentry Diploma Teacher
The Philadelphia Woodworking Company
Head of Fine Finishing
Honea Woodworks
Entry-level Carpenter
Keller Products, Inc. Manchester, NH
CTE Construction Cabinetry and Woodworking
SitOnIt Office Seating, Inc. Cypress, CA
Architectural Woodworking /Cabinet Making Technology
Hollywood Woodwork
Supervisor of Craftsman Woodworking

So these are some of my carpentry working experience in different companies and institutes. I have worked so hard to earn my position in this field indeed.

Why I Choose Carpentry?

This is the most informal question that people ask me whenever they interview me. So there are different aspects and affections that bring me close to carpentry. As I mentioned earlier that crafting, fine arts, and grooving were in my blood since I was a child.

I remember that whenever we went to our grandma’s home on vacation, there was a beach site where we frequently used to go in the evening. So I always make some sand arts whenever I go there and I always crave to go out there and make some sand arts.

So this passion built up as I started to grow and finally, I got success in this desire. There are some things that always push me towards the carpentry which you can read below.

  1. Carpentry gives me food for my soul
  2. I never get tired and bored when I am working on my wood carving projects because I love it
  3. I am very hopeful to earn big fame in the world of woodworking
  4. Without working with woods my life is nothing
  5. There is a fulfillment and gladness for me while doing carving
  6. This job is full of artistic fun and creativeness

So these are some of the reasons to fall in love with woodworking.

Sharing is Caring

As I have a good experience of carpentry along with handling and using woodworking tools. So I have decided to share my experience and knowledge with other woodworks and especially novices who are struggling to become an expert.

That’s the reason I have joined WoodHutt and started working as a writer and guide here. I have written so many articles on the best cabinetry tools and techniques that you can read in my library.

I decided to share my knowledge when I realize that most people really don’t know how to operate some simple tools like saws, routers, plungers, etc. Therefore, I thought it is my moral duty to help my fellow workers and provide them all the necessary and basic information.

Now I am working on reviewing some best carpentry tools like routers and saws so you can buy the best one without any misunderstanding. Most of the time when a beginner or trainee joins this field and he really doesn’t know how to and where to buy a tool for their projects.

These days, where you may be a victim of fraud, it is very mandatory to have full knowledge of the product that you are going to buy. Apart from that, you should also know the features and importance of the tool you are looking for.

Therefore, I am working hard to write every best tool of wood-crafting with their complete features, pros, and cons and also share my personal experience with that tool. After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Future of Wood Crafting

So here comes the most valuable point: what is the future of wood-crafting? So as far as I am concerned, the future of woodworking and crafting is really very bright. It’s because of the new and advanced technology.

If you study some old books on wood-crafting then you would be surprised to read that people at that time were only using a few and simple tools to craft a plank of wood. And you can imagine the hard work of that time. So we are lucky that today we have so many convenient tools that work on electricity and you only need to handle that.

So due to this advancement, we are making more stylish and perfect crafts. And you may already hear the word CNC which stands for Computer Numerical Control. As the name suggests, this tool is fully automated and controls the computer program. However, due to the computer-controlled system, the resulting crafting is extremely fast and precise.

You can do the following tasks within not time and 100% accuracy

  • Wood Crafting
  • Wood Printing or Lettering
  • Laser Cutters

So these are some purposes of a CNC wood router. Hence, you can imagine the future of this field and it is going to be more powerful, super-fast, and accurate in the next few years.


So now you know a little bit about me and my working experience and I am glad you come here to read about me. Moreover, I am really thankful to WoodHutt and my readers as well because today I can publish something useful through this medium for my readers.