10 Best Band Saws 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are searching for the best value and quality band saw, then you don’t need to go anywhere as we have the band saws available in the market, which can lead you to have long term projects.

Best Band Saws

The majority of the people end up spending a lot of money, but they are unaware of the real tool. There is various type of band saws for sale available in the store such as Benchtop, Vertical, Horizontal, and Portable.

  Best Band Saws WEN 3962 – Portable Band Saw
  • Power: 3.5-amp motor
  • Blade: 10 Inch
  • Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 58 inches
  • Item Weight: 73 pounds
Available on Amazon
  DEWALT DWM120 – Deep Cut Band Saw
  • Item Weight: 15 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.25 x 23.5 x 7.94 inches
  • Style: Band saw
Available on Amazon
  Delta 28-400 14 inch – Reliable Band Saw
  • Weight: 165 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 18 x 21 inches
  • Power Source: Electric Powered
Available on Amazon
  JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Overall Band Saw
  • Weight: 247 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29 x 28 x 77 inches
  • Blade Length: 105 inches
Available on Amazon
  Grizzly G0555LX – Lightweight Woodworking Band Saw
  • Weight: 247 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 21.5 x 18 inches
  • Style: Grizzly
Available on Amazon


You can easily carry such types of band saws around your house since they are very lightweight. Furthermore, you can do some little comparison with a vertical band saw, but these benchtops offer a user-friendly interface.

You may easily take a lot of work from this type, but they are not that much capable of massive projects


With regards to versatility and accuracy, the vertical kind takes a success. In addition to this, this specific kind can be found in pretty much every expert workshop. Regardless of whether you are hoping to cut unusual shapes or cut anything easily, these units are most likely your most secure bet.

Besides, these units have a brilliant cutting limit. They work superbly to cut bent and complex edges while delivering less noise and dirt than different kinds of the saw.


This type is known for creating comfortable and quick shapes rather than a complex one. Nevertheless, If you are the one who is going to cut straight lines, then you should pick horizontal band saws..


These types of band saws are entirely battery-powered. However, you can without much of a stretch, take it anywhere you want. They come with limited cuts, but the only cons it has is its battery issues.

The 10 Best Band Saws 2023

In our top 10 band saw reviews, we are going to give you a detailed review on all types of saws which includes cheap and best budget with their features, pros and cons.

Let’s get started!.

1. WEN 3962 – Portable Band Saw

WEN 3962


The Wen 3962 10 Inch band saw is a standard table saw for DIY and light proficient tasks. The saw is known to be exceptionally flexible and progressively reasonable for bent cuts. The WEN 3962 is a two-speed band saw that comes with a stand and LED work light.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. THE DESIGN – The Wen band Saw has a perfect design that any beginner would see as easy to use. A large portion of its components is made of steel, aluminum, and other hardened metals for extended durability. Stability is likewise guaranteed, on account of the sturdy structure as the stand that comes with the saw. The table limits wobbling during cuts with the goal that you can achieve a high level of accuracy. One can easily shape, cut, and trim enormous wood pieces on the Wen 3962 10 Inch Saw as a result of its extensive work table. Professionals that need to saw huge boards will see this as a significant helpful, minimizing downtime.
  2. SAFETY – One of the significant reasons for saw injuries is kickback. This is the point at which the edge hits an obstacle and boomerangs towards you. The stand that comes with the WEN 3962 assists with minimizing kickback. The stand weighs 73 pounds, giving a robust non-shaky base during your cutting. This element will help you with keeping your cuts straight with negligible slanting and warping. It is additionally a security include that prevents the blade from slipping on to you.
  3. BLADE TYPE – If you are looking for the best saw with a sharp blade, then make sure that it depends on the nature of the woods you are going to work on. In addition to this, this saw comes with a 3/8 inch blade (6 TPI). Nevertheless, if you are working on a small project, this saw sharpness is enough for you. However, it will also help you in cutting accurately.
  4. CUTTING SPEED – The Wen band saws blades has a 9-¾ inch throat size, which is more significant than what you will find in most top rated bench top band saw models. The additional room dispenses with the requirement for a riser block. You will have the option to cut woods up to 6 inches thick in only one pass. The aluminum fence that accompanies the Wen 3962 band saws is sufficiently able to manage thicker wood pieces through the blade with insignificant variance. The accuracy is adequate to divide the handles in plywood while keeping up the blade in the glue line.
  5. MITER GAUGE AND LED LIGHTS – A special reward to the WEN 3962 is the included miter gauge, something you do not generally get with small band saws. The same can be said for the stand it comes with, letting you set the saw up to standing stature without utilizing a workbench or sawhorse.The saw likewise comes with a beautiful LED work light to all the more likely enlighten the cutting area when required, just as a 3-in-1 dust port that can fit three diverse vacuum hose sizes.
  • The performance ratio is good Ready for primetime Enough durable Two-Speed band Saw with stand and Work light
  • Much heavy

2. DEWALT DWM120 – Deep Cut Band Saw



If you are comfortable with this industry, at that point, you most likely heard about Dewalt previously. They are well-established with a long history of best rated items behind them. This specific one with stand is not unique.

The 10-amp engine is fit for cutting through an immense variety of materials without such a large number of issues. Nonetheless, it can adapt to metal, plastic, wood, and etcetera.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. DESIGN – When it comes to design, you will get the best material of what you are looking for. Moreover, there are high-quality materials used in the product that offers durability and sturdiness. A few rubber shrouds ensure the casing. Shockingly, that is about it with regards to the external protection of this band saw. It raises a few questions among the users, particularly the ones that use this machine consistently. However, it ends up being very tough and impervious to outer impacts. In more straightforward terms, even though it appears to be essential, there is all that could be needed protection included in this model.
  2. USABILITY – You will be glad to know that this top rated wood band saw is for both professional users and occasional users. Additionally, you can easily set the speed of the blade according to the nature of the wood you are cutting.
  3. PERFORMANCE – When you begin using this saw, you will find it a bit small as compared to other saws, but it offers a complete punch to the users. In addition to this, it provides 740 FPM, which is more than enough. The sight is extraordinary as your hands are off-center so you can without much of a stretch see the blade. With the saw being off-center, you would figure it would make the cutting somewhat troublesome. However, that is the farthest from reality. Working with the saw really makes your everyday tasks a lot simpler.
  4. BATTERY AND CUT CAPACITY – The first thing you can notice when you buy this band saw is its battery power and performance. Moreover, the 20V MAX battery has 8x run up time than a standard or an ordinary battery. In addition to this, you will have no issues with the battery if you go for this product. DeWalt has likewise contained a strong, 2-½” cutting capacity in the DCS371B model, too. The beneficial thing about this is it positions exceptionally as one of the most profound cutting capacities accessible in smaller bandsaws. This implies you will have the option to easily cut through the conductor, particular tubing, angled rods, and PVC channeling.
  • Perfect mini metal cutting saw Best quality Long-lasting Great tool
  • Bit noisy

3. Delta 28-400 14 inch – Reliable Band Saw

Delta 28 400 14 inch


When it comes to stability and reliability, Delta 28-400 Wood Band Saw is the best choice for you. Nevertheless, this mini band saw offers more power than it requires for cutting the wood.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIAL – Nothing unexpected here; however, it’s worth pointing out. Delta once again = has assembled an enjoyable shop tool with high-quality materials and commercial-grade design. The entirety of the section fit together pleasantly during the gathering. The stand is made using solid powder-covered steel, which is likewise easy to assemble.
  2. USABILITY – As we all know, all the band saws are made for wood cutting, but this one is specially manufactured for woodworking. Nonetheless, you can also use it for cutting metal. However, if you are cutting metal, then you will have to use a proper speed and blade. However, the general efficiency will, in general, drop a piece when various metals are being referred to, because of variable densities and thickness. Generally, in case you are hoping to cut metal much of the time, you should take a look at some different models that are all the more explicitly designed for those applications.
  3. CAST-IRON TABLE – Delta mini Band Saw comes with the best tools. One of them is the Cast-iron table, which is designed perfectly for cutting the woods and metal. Furthermore, it is machined with a flat smooth surface. It also has an amazingly manufactured miter slot.
  4. BLADE GUIDES – One of the most significant features on a wood band saw is the blade guides. The Delta 28-400 offers the precision metal roller directs above and below the table surface. The upper guides are easy to modify, and they remain set up. If you take a look at the structure, they are straightforward to change since they just use one screw to secure them. The lower blades guides work similarly. However, they are somewhat harder to reach under the table. When you are comfortable with the guides, it just takes a couple of moments to change every one of them and keep the blade working in great shape.
  5. STURDINESS AND STABILITY – Its sturdiness and stability guarantee smooth activity and exact cuts consistently. Besides, the steel base is very much made and is not as unstable as one would think. In opposition to prevalent belief, the slight base is not as unstable. The two-speed pulley includes a simple-to-use tensioning system, which proves to be useful at whatever point you stumble upon some edge issues.
  • Easy to adjust Lighter than other band saw Sturdy Can cut metal too with proper blades
  • Wobbly scroll saw

4. JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Overall Band Saw



JET JWBS-14DXPRO is that type of machine that would look great and suitable in any workshop. Moreover, this is billed as a professional band machine with many features.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. BUILD QUALITY – When looking for an extraordinary 14 inch resawing bandsaw, the manufacturing quality is one of the first things to remember. In case you’re searching for a lightweight machine you can without much of a stretch move around the shop, you will need to take a look at benchtop band machines. The JET JWBS-14DXPRO has a solid metal casing that can get harmed. When you set up it, it is going to stay more than 250 pounds, so you will need to guarantee you have space for this beast well early.
  2. DESIGN – The overall design is excellent. Furthermore, it seems that the engineers have put all their attention to the stable balance of the machine effectively. In addition to this, few items begin to wobble over time, but there is no such thing utilizing this wood band saw. The worktable is sufficiently open to withstand pressure and offer you to cut huge bits of wood without an issue. Accordingly, in case you are expecting to handle a huge project, this bandsaw may be a decent pick for you.
  3. PERFORMANCE – If you are the one who was already using other products, then you will see the difference between JET JWBS-14DXPRO and other brands. In addition to this, it is smooth and precise thanks to metal roller guides, which cut back on friction while at the same time increasing performance. Furthermore, you will not experience any vibration with this machine because of the assemble quality and its overall weight. It is a strong bandsaw reasonable for a full scope of tasks. The arrangement is fantastically simple too, and the high-pressure spring will keep the machine tuned in with extended use.
  4. EASY TO USE – If you ever go for this item, you will find it very easy to use. Nevertheless, it is an excellent option for the beginner as there is nothing much technical to operate this best product. Ease of use means that you will not face any kind of issues regarding the usage of this machine. Furthermore, there is no vibration as this bandsaw is massive as compared to other items in the market.
  • Durable performance Excellent for light plastic Awesome customer service
  • Instructions are confusing

5. Grizzly G0555LX – Lightweight Woodworking Band Saw


The G0555LX from Grizzly is an unquestionable requirement for enormous metal workshops that spend significant time in essential jobs. This 247-pound behemoth has a 1 HP motor that cuts through anything from rebars, iron rods, aluminum pipes, treated steel, and each material that requires the action of a bandsaw.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. SOLID CONSTRUCTION – This is a 14 inch tool with such construction that can last for a long time, and you will not have to go for another band machine. To prevent corrosion, this product has a cast-iron frame, a heavy-duty stand, and a powder-coated paint. This tool is not only stronger, but it is also balanced. However, if you have enough budget and space at your home, then it can be the best addition to your home appliances. It is also a best budget.
  2. POWERFUL MOTOR – At 1 HP, the Grizzly band saw packs enough capacity to cut through most materials found in the wood and metal workshop. The motor turns the blade at 800-3100 FPM, allowing it to cut through most materials in a moment or two. This 14 inch bandsaw runs on a single-phase 110V/220V electrical plug, making it simpler to work operated with three-stage models that may require a refit of your electrical installations. Despite the high performance, this saw is wonderfully peaceful and delivers smooth, quick cuts that are exact and perfect.
  3. BALANCED WHEELS – Here is Grizzly bandsaw blade guides, the Grizzly is very easy to move around since this item is lightweight. Nonetheless, it comes with balanced wheels, which makes it simpler to carry around. The wheels have rubber tyer where you can easily glide the machine if there are scratches on the floor.
  4. BALL-BEARING BLADES – This saw is structured with upper and lower metal ball-bearing blades advisers to keep it running smooth and on target. There is additionally a speedy discharge pressure switch for quick blade changes. You can utilize various blades from 1/8″ to ¾” wide, and even cut a few sorts of metal if you want. At long last, there is a 4-inch dust port to assist you with keeping things perfect and clean while you are working. Grizzly sells a choice of dust collectors and supplanting sacks that are good with the G0555.
  • Plenty of power Wonderful bandsaw Best for a hobby shop
  • Expensive

6. Rikon 10-305 – Best Performance Small Band Saw

Rikon 10 305


If you are searching for the best and most famous band machine, then you will not get more reliable than Rickon 10-305. When it comes to performance, there are several functions and features.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. POWER – Power is not the Rikon 10-305 most grounded include. It sports is littler 1/3 HP that is as yet sufficient for cutting through low-density materials like wood, and even high-density material like metal sheets at the most minimum speed. It will not slow down and produce a perfect and expert completion cut, mainly when doing pen blanks and bowls. Simply do not utilize it on thick and high-density metal.
  2. CUTTING CAPACITY – This 14 inch small tabletop tool has a wheel diameter of 10 inches. Furthermore, it has a cutting capacity of 9-5/8 x 4-5/8 inches. If you have a band machine with such dimensions, remember that it will be then easy for you to cut any kind of object with ease.
  3. BASE – The entire frame of this Rikon 10-305 14 inch table top bandsaw is made from steel that ensures power. It is decidedly assembled and will keep going for quite a while. Besides, the 21-inch base is similarly made steel and gives a considerable surface area to the highest stability. It will sit flush to a workbench or can undoubtedly be retrofitted to a stand. The heavyweight of 68l bs and the durable steel construction work superbly of limiting vibrations.
  4. PADDLE SWITCH – Rickon 10-305 comes with the option of the paddle switch, which is located the right side. In addition to this, when you press it, it will automatically lock the blade accordingly. Moreover, it is the best security option for your unit.
  5. ACCESSORIES – You do not only receive a small tabletop bandsaw, but you also get other accessories such as post guide and metal fence. Nonetheless, it also comes with a miter gauge, which will assist you while you are working effectively. Moreover, there is also a stand that comes with this band saw.
  • Power Enough for the size Accurate Much lightweight
  • The base shows no sign of the impact

7. SKIL 3386-01 – Benchtop Metal Band Saw

SKIL 3386 01 Benchtop


Are you looking for the bandsaw that can assist you with multi tasks such as household repairs and resawing, then you are in the right place since Skil 3386-01 is the unit that can do these work for you effectively.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. TABLE – Skil includes their general tabletop bandsaw plan, a ribbed aluminum table. This is ideal for any materials you would consider cutting, including wood and metal, to name two well-known models. In addition, it is ideal for most materials, however, the makeup of the table outcomes in this tool that has insignificant to no vibration – which is incredibly useful when cutting.
  2. THROAT SIZE – The table is relatively sufficient for every single cutting application, with the elements of 11-13/16″ and a throat size of 9″.
  3. This unit is the largest among all other machines in the market, but it offers enough size, which can be suitable for your household chores. Furthermore, you may find it solid for most of your projects. There is a title adjustment option that can widen your cutting techniques and add more to your skills.
  4. DUST PORT – If you are working at night and unable to see the cutting progress, do not worry about that, since it comes with a dust port and lamp which can assist invisibility. The lamp is flexible, and you can see any work progress. Nevertheless, you can easily point the lamp to any direction of the cutting progress.
  5. RIP FENCE – If you have used elective saws previously, you will know precisely how advantageous and accommodating a rip fence is. In case you are not very frequent to the rip fence, it is the bar/fence which runs corresponding to the blade. The primary job of the rip fence is to give influence to precision, allowing you to make cuts that are both exact and amazingly straight.
  6. AMP MOTOR – The SKIL 3386-01 runs off of a 2.5 amp motor that works on 120 volts, giving a tolerable measure of intensity expected to make a variety of smooth cuts with small effort. The saw has a 9-inch throat limit, and you can rapidly mount it to a bench top for better solidness, or use with a stand.
  • Suitable for small wood-crafting projects More functional Comes with a lamp
  • The table is difficult to square

8. POWERTEC BS900 – Mini Band Saw


The BS900 mini table top band saw is a decent solution for devoted enthusiasts due to its usability and adaptability. With regard to the experts, some of them could discover great use right now. However, the vast majority of them will not care for it a lot because of specific limitations, for example, an underpowered motor or steady blade speed.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. BLADE GUARD ADJUSTMENT – Powertec table top Bandsaw comes with a blade guard adjustment, which can be a standard security option, but that is not too intrusive. Moreover, the blade is removable, which means that you can easily remove the blade and fit another one. Some users find it very annoying, but that is not what they found in the past, because it is effortless to change the blade.
  2. TABLE WITH RACK – Completely standard on a table top bandsaw, anyway, on this table, the pinion can adjust up to 45 degrees. This is an extremely convenient element allowing you to cut your wood effectively. It does a genuinely great job and effectively secures at whatever point you pick.
  3. QUICK RELEASE BLADE – The quick-release blade feature allows you to cover the unit with a health and safety sticker. Furthermore, it can enable you to look after the parts of the machinery, and it will not stamp out. Additionally, it is great because it is safe.
  4. TILTING MECHANISM– The worktable is reasonably extensive; however, it could have been structured somewhat better. The tilting mechanism functions admirably, yet its general nature is not at the most elevated level, no doubt. In addition to this, one should not expect an exceptional performance out of every single portion to come with this unit considering the reasonableness. Nevertheless, you will get what you pay for.
  • Cheap and handy There is a good amount of plastic Quick and simple
  • Expensive

9. JET 708115K JWBS-14CS – Band Saw with Closed Stand


The Jet 708115K Bandsaw pack confronts the exclusive standards of all carpenters the same. Disregard including that riser block as this saw comes total with a flawlessly made cast blade which builds power.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. DESIGN – The design is very much done, and one can unmistakably observe that the manufacturers have focused on the general steadiness and balance of the machine. While some different models will, in a broad wobble and lose uprightness after some time. In addition to this, this specific one is made to keep going for quite a while. The worktable is spaciously enough to withstand pressure and allow you to cut vast bits of wood without an issue. In this way, in case you are planning on tackling a requesting project, this band machine may be a decent choice.
  2. EXTRA FEATURES – If you are there to buy this item, then you will get 12”re-saw capacity, 2-speed poly-v belt, 14” wheel band machine diameter, and with the table size of 15′ X 15′. Furthermore, there are some extra functions and features as well, such as Pinion and Rack adjustment, drive system, and easy to use functionality.
  3. CAST IRON WHEELS – This Band machine comes with cast iron wheels, which are mainly designed to eliminate vibration. Moreover, the wheels are made of polyurethane, which is supposed to run for a long time without losing its shape. Furthermore, the wheels help the saw keep running smoothly.
  4. USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – The whole design of the Jet 708115K belt Bandsaw is user-friendly, which means that you can operate anything efficiently. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface enables you to adjust things easily. However, it also has a dust port, which is 4inch in size. Moreover, you also have a five years warranty, which means that you can use it openly, and when you face any fault, you may return it within five years.
  • Suitable for small wood-crafting projects More functional Comes with a lamp
  • The table is difficult to square

10. Makita XBP02Z – Cordless Portable Band saw

Makita XBP02Z


The XBP02Z cordless compact bandsaw is a piece of Makita’s growing line of cordless tool powered by its fantastic 18V LXT Lithium-particle batteries. With a 4-3/4-inch cutting profundity, the XBP02Z is a flexible device perfect for a full scope of metal materials and then some.

Stand-out Features Include

  1. FAST AND POWERFUL CUTTING – The Makita XBP02Z comes with a high-speed motor that works with the LXT battery to offer an extra fast and powerful cutting. In addition to this, the motor speeds up to 275-530 ft. /min, which enables you to do your work easily.
  2. VARIABLE SPEED – The 6-dial variable speed setting enables you to improve motor output with the activity and material. In this manner, you just need to use the negligible measure of battery capacity to finish various tasks, expanding run time, and lessening the wear on the motor. This leads to less power between use, longer motor life, less support, and eventually more value for your money.
  3. DURABLE DESIGN – To improve the user experience further, this item only weighs 15 pounds even with the full-size band saw. Nevertheless, it contains a large handle with a soft and comfortable grip, which a user can easily hold without any difficulty.
  4. EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE – The 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries from Makita are a wonder in the cordless force tools industry. These fuel packs can convey reliable power during long term use. Clients report that the battery is hard to drain considerably in the wake of a stressful day’s worth of effort cutting huge and thick materials. Besides, you can utilize the battery for different cordless instruments in the LXT lineup. If you claim one of these reliable packs, you will not have to purchase another for the bandsaw, except you need to have additional items. Likewise, the LXT battery has the quickest charging time in its group, so you invest more energy in accomplishing productive work.
  • Durable design Safety Exceptional battery life LED light
  • Brushless motor

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Band Saw

The following are the few factors that you need to consider before you buy any band unit.

Teeth Per Inch ( Tpi )

As a rule of thumb, you must go with more teeth for projects that need an excellent cut. Along these lines, the sharp blade’s teeth will not be separated, which causes a coarser completion. Remember that, and you do not need to recall exact numbers.

Quality Materials

Materials should be of high quality in all the parts. In addition to this, it is essential in the frame of the band machine. Furthermore, you can easily replace the elements, but if your item breaks the entire frame, then it will create problems for you.


Much like the frame of your band unit, the wheels are genuinely part of the foundation of the entire item. You should ensure that they are similarly sharp when you buy your item.

Motor Size

The size of the motor in a band machine will change, yet most range from ½ HP to 1 and ½ HP. If you are cutting softwoods, at that point, you are fine staying with a weaker motor. In any case, if you intend to assemble furniture or carry out any overwhelming responsibility woodwork, you are going to need to search for a band saw with an engine in the top finish of that range.


Which band saw should you buy?

There are various good band saws available in the market, which makes it tough for you to pick the right choice. Apart from this, you should go for Makita XBP02Z, which has long battery life.

What is a band saw suitable for?

A band saw can be utilized to cut bends, even in the thick wood, for example, in making cabriole legs, to tear stumble, and to crosscut short pieces. The most widely recognized use for the band saw, in any case, is in cutting irregular shapes. The second most normal use is in resawing or tearing timber into more thinner chunks

Should you buy a table saw or a band saw?

A table saw will make a much cleaner cut than a band saw, and when all is said in done will be exact. Band saws are messy and do not deal with enormous boards well. Likewise, a table saw is a lot simpler to supplant the blade, and you can change out blades. You can’t cut dadoes on a band saw.

Final Thoughts

If you have been searching for the best band saws, and you were unable to find the right choice, as there are thousands available in the market. Furthermore, it makes it tough for you to pick the correct item, so we have the list of reliable and durable products. If you have a tight budget and want a product that can keep you busy for a long time, then JET 708115K JWBS-14CS may be the right pick for you.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon: