9 Best Benchtop Drill Presses 2023 – Upgrade Your Workstation

The addition of a benchtop drill press in your workstation can substantially intensify the precision, productivity, and creativity of your work. Whatever the needs and demands are, the best benchtop drill press can fulfill drilling requirements of varying materials from wood to metal.

They have been proven as a great alternative to floor standing drill press that exceeds the budget of the most. While benchtop drill offers identical specifications, power, speed, and multipurposeness at a moderate price. Furthermore, the compact design makes benchtop drill press space friendly to fit in small areas.

Continue reading to have an explicit and clear-cut review of the 9 best benchtop drill presses. The short guide advises you about the features to look for to bring home the finest of the finest.

  1. Dremel Drill PressDremel Drill Press – Best Benchtop Drill Press
  2. WEN 4208 8 in. 5WEN 4208 8 in. 5 – Best Table Top Drill Press
  3. Shop Fox W1668 ¾Shop Fox W1668 ¾ – Best Benchtop Drill for Heavy Duty work
  4. WEN 4214WEN 4214 – Best Benchtop Drill for Variable Speed
  5. DEWALT Drill PressDEWALT Drill Press – Best Benchtop Drill for Precision

Best Benchtop Drill Presses

1. Dremel Drill Press – Best Benchtop Drill Press

Dremel Drill Press - Best Benchtop Drill Press


Offering versatility and high functionality, Dremel Drill Press is a promising handheld drilling device. The 3 in 1 operation fulfills all your home-based drilling needs. The three tools installed in the device are drill press, rotary tool holder, and flex shaft holder.

This multi-purpose machine allows you to add embellishment in plain wood design with carving and engraving. Dremel Drill Press is insanely compact, measuring only 6 x 6 x 12 inches in dimensions. This makes it the best benchtop drill press for DIY projects and small domestic tasks.

To further mount the versatility, you can buy additional accessories. Talking about the first principal component of the rotary tool, it is a portable device, thus gives more controlled movements.

The fixing of the rotary tool at 15 increments allows drilling at a 90-degree angle. However, there are no adjustable angles that would add to the functionality of the machine. The drill bit can be replaced for various drilling requirements and designs.

Moreover, the height can be regulated from the column between 16 inches to 29 inches. Thus, the drill can incorporate thick and long materials. The clip management systems add to the overall safety. The metal base measures 9-3/8 x 6-7/8 inches with aluminum built.

The large size imparts firmness and stability during functioning. To keep your tiny bits arranged in a small space, crows’ nest acts as a storage facility. The model is considerably compatible with rotary tools from various brands.

  • Versatile Customizable Adjustable column Large metal base
  • Single angle Not compatible with drilling tough materials like steel

This mini drill press is space friendly equipped with bundles of features. Furthermore, it is of the most affordable option available in the market. The drilling is exceptionally accurate and precise on different materials like plastic, jewelry, metal, and electronic boards. The Dremel Drill Press can significantly increase the creativity in your workshop.

2. WEN 4208 8 in. 5 – Best Table Top Drill Press

WEN 4208 8 in. 5 - Best Table Top Drill Press


The pleasing and bright combination of black and orange give WEN 4208 an attention-grabbing appearance. WEN has been in power tools retail from 1951, meaning decades of manufacturing experience and consistency.

Like their other plenty of products, WEN 4208 has also left the numbers impressed with specs and performance. The product is delivered in the package containing drill, chuck, manual, and laser guide. Yes, the laser guide further enhances the precision assuring the accurate drilling acting as a guide. The drilling speed can be regulated at five different steps depending on the nature of the drilling job.

The ⅓ HP pf powerful motor perfectly executes the task. It comes with a speed range of 620-3100 rpm. The two-inch travel spindle is highly appreciated by workers hooked with long drilling jobs. Thus you can drill over two inches in the targeted object.

Another surprising feature is quite functioning despite the powerful motor. The price tag of just $80 has been the primary driver for people to give WEN 4208 a chance. Every expensive product doesn’t ensure performance and every cheap item in not worthless.

This has been proven as WEN 4208 has exceeded the expectations of users in every way. Thus the affordability has been fused with impressive specifications.

  • Adjustable speed Powerful motor 2 inches of spindle travel Affordable Quite functioning
  • Unstable sometime

In the end, WEN 4208 might be the low-priced yet the best drill press you can get your hands on. For simple drilling projects, you dont need to invest in high-end drilling machines with complex working and a bundle of tools. WEN 4208 serves the purpose very well for occasional drilling needs.

3. Shop Fox W1668 ¾ – Best for Heavy Duty work

Shop Fox W1668 ¾


Well suited for a range of tasks from the simple to challenging, Shop Fox W1668 is a favorite of many. Looking or drill tool to ease up the renovation or do small touch-ups, it can do everything. The ability to fit in a tiny space is another considerable feature and highly mounts the value for money.

The high capacity ¾ HP motor can effortlessly drill high-density materials as well as wood. Whether metals, plastic, or steel motor has all the power. It offers a speed range from 250 RPM to 3,050 rpm. The drilling speed can be regulated at 12 different options to suit the material.

For heavy materials, you can adjust to the option where the machine is stable.

One unique feature is the functionality of the oscillation sander. This proves helpful in quickly sanding down the pieces of wood while drilling. The chuck measures ⅝ inches and has known to impart flexibility. Drilling of upto 3 ½ inches can be achieved from the provided bit.

The set of table screws are supplied to prevent the vibrations and undesired movements in the table. However, they do not perform a solid job of keeping the table steady. Additionally, carefully overlook the belts and components of a machine before use. Some of the users have observed the careless assembly from the company.

  • Powerful motor Great for deep drilling Sturdy construction Eye pleasing design
  • Difficult to change the speed

Lastly, one of the notable features that make the product worth buying is two in 1 functionality. The machine performs amazingly as the best benchtop drill press and oscillatory sander. The variety of speed options and deep chuck makes it the top-notch product in the market. More, the high capacity motor makes it ideal for drilling from think to thick materials.

4. WEN 4214 – Best for Variable Speed

WEN 4214 - Best for Variable Speed


Another model popular from proving smooth yet high-quality drilling experience is WEN 4214. It took the market by surprise in 20l4, followed by the release. The model instantly received trustworthy reviews from the users.

Some of the exceptionally applauded features were powerful motor, adjustable speed, and appropriate spindle travel. The 5 Amp of powerful ⅔ HP of the motor makes the machine suitable for all types of drilling jobs with an adjustable speed range of 580 to 3200 rpm.

This allows you to control the machine with low speed on high-density materials and perform fastly on thin materials. Speed function is equipped with a locking system and digital readout to facilitate the users.

The throat depth of 12 inches and a table of 9 ½ to 9 ½ inches makes it the ideal for a fitting range of materials. The cast iron construction of the table gives the demanded stability to the structure. Moreover, the three ⅛ inches of spindle travel is excellent for professional deep drilling.

Two varying angles in the machine are 45 degrees to the left and right. The associated table can be locked at the mentioned angles. The ⅝ inches of chuck can fit a variety of the drill bits. The motor is housed in a plastic casing while the machine has aluminum construction.

  • Variable Speed Durable Aluminum construction The table can be adjusted at two angles Powerful motor
  • Not suitable for steel

WEN 4214 comes with a decent bundle of promising features at affordable prices. The machine is equipped with advanced X pattern laser for precise drilling at the targeted spot. Moreover, it would be a great addition to your drilling tool, granting a high level of satisfaction.

5. DEWALT Drill Press – Best for Precision

DEWALT Drill Press


The last product to grab the spot in our list of best benchtop grills is the Dewalt drill press. Dewalt is amongst the leading manufacturer of power tools known for its consistency and high performing products.

Some of the contemporary addition of features had refined the Dewalt drill press. The powerful motor operates at 10.0 Amp with a speed of 450 to 300 rpm. This allows you to adjust the speed operation suited for various types of materials. If you are associated with regular drilling jobs, it is a known fact that machines often get overheated rapidly while dealing with thick objects.

However, with the Dewalt drill press the overload protection system, there are long hours of trouble-free drilling. The system sufficiently provides cooling to the motor to prevent overheating. The design is lightweight, minimalist, and robust allowing better control on machine and drilling.

The generous length of the chuck is excellent for drilling with significant depth. Drilling upto 4 inches is possible, allowing you to penetrate materials like metal and steel. Also, you can replace the chuck with other bits with ease. Furthermore, there are quick-release feed handles allow you to adjust the handles on both sides.

  • Compact 1-ampere motor 4 inches of spindle handle Overheating protection system
  • Expensive Two-speed options

The unique addition to the design has been a magnetic coolant bottle. It has been proven to mount the performance and productivity of the machine. It can be placed conveniently on both sides and the workstation. Moreover, the reviewers have highly recommended the Dewalt drill press for use.

How to Pick the Best Benchtop Drill Press?

There are a significant number of do’s and dont’s that you need to be acquainted with to ensure the best possible purchase. You need to be informed about the features and specifications that determine the productivity of the machine, making it worth buying. We have compiled the ultimate guide so you can be mindful of the features to opt for.

A drill is not a drill if it doesn’t perform exceedingly well on all the materials. The versatility is determined by the powerful motor with variable speed options. The high-capacity motor has the ability to handle the drilling of tough materials like metal and steel apart from soft materials. The weak motor may wobble when dealing with high-density objects.

Similarly, the variable speed option is the performance booster. For tough drilling jobs, the slow speed grants more control over the process. Another factor to be careful about is the design of the machine. The design should be compact, sleek, yet durable. The base should be significant to keep the structure stable during functioning.

Moreover, some additional features are LED lights, versatile chuck, laser lights, and dual functioning. Some of the drill press is 3 in 1 or 2 in 1, and the multiple functioning sufficiently increases the value. Likewise, some of the machines act as the drill and oscillator sander as well. Furthermore, your budget immensely affects the selection process of the drill press.


Who makes a good drill press?

The robust design, structure, powerful motor, and speed range are the dominant performance determining features of the drill press.

How do I choose a drill press?

You can choose the drill press while analyzing the features of the machine and your requirements in detail. You can choose whichever suits well with your requirements. The essential features are power, speed, and versatility.

Are Wen drill presses any good?

Yes, the Wen drill press is budget-friendly with promising features. They are known for manufacturing drill press for people under the budget incorporating plausible elements.


Considering the above-mentioned guide, tips, and products while decision making, we assure only the best benchtop drill press will be at your doorstep, without further complicating the selection process head over to amazon and secure your purchase.

  • We will end the article with the top recommendation of Shop Fox W1668Shop Fox W1668, keeping in view the 12 step speed range and power 0.7 HP motor. We highly place our trust in this product guaranteeing durability and versatility.

In concluding the article, we have covered all the aspects of benchtop grills from the best products to the buying guide. The drills have been repeatedly recommended by many owning to the satisfactory results and moderate price range. They are well suited for occasional drilling tasks involved in home-based projects or large-scale renovations.

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