How to Install a Router Bit – Guide for New Woodworkers

The router bit is the most efficient tool used by carpenters and woodworkers to give a specific shape to the wooden material. The router works similar to the drill, but in place of building holes, the router utilizes bits for giving a specific shape to the wooden parts.

The bits are of various shapes and sizes, having their own specifications that the carpenters use accordingly.

Bits and collet of the router work properly and give the best outcomes if they are properly installed in the router. A router is a single hardware, having different sizes and models.

Bits inserted in a router are also of different sizes. Depending upon the diameter of the bits, the speed of the router can be maintained.

So in this post we’ll show you how to install a router bit.

Proper Installation of Router Bit

How to Install a Router Bit tips

Before using the router bit, one should know the exact steps for its installation. It is very important as the wrong installation of router and bit can cause severe damage that results in friction and high temperature.

So for having good experience with a router bit, installation of its parts should be done in a correct way.

Correct Bit Size

To begin with, the most important thing is to have the correct bit size. As there are different sizes of routers and bits available out there, choosing the appropriate size of the bit according to your need will give the best results. While choosing the bit size, consider its cutting ability as flat bits will not be efficient to use.

Cleanliness of the Router and Bits

Dirty parts of the router and bits turn into rusty parts that immediately rises the temperature and cause friction. The sawdust is another factor that can decrease the durability of both bits and router.

So before inserting the bits in a router, make sure that both of them are clean as rusty parts can cause issues during operations.

Fit Bit into Collet

How to Install a Router Bit properly

In this step, you have to enter the bit into the collet till it reaches the bottom of it. By pulling back the bit up to 1/6 to 1/8- inch, its height can easily be altered.

If this step is undone, there will be great friction during the operation between collet and shank that can damage the bit. So this is a very important step before starting the process.

Rigidify the Collet Nut

Lastly, after completing all the above steps, the most important one is the tightening of the collet nut. Due to friction that is caused between the router and the bit, the temperature rises that leads to the expansion of bit size.

So there should be a considerable amount of space between the bit and collet that prevent damage to the bits. Thus tight the collet nut after pulling the bit.


How deep should a router bit be?

The router bit should be 1/4-inch deep in order to have the best outcomes.

Can I use the router bit in a drill?

Yes, you can use a straight router bit in a drill because this bit can be used for multi-purposes and is one of the most commonly used bits.

Which direction should you use a router?

While using the router, look at the top of the router and analyze the direction of the bit in which it is moving. If the bit is moving in a clockwise direction, then the direction of a router is right or left.


A router bit is a very effective tool for shaping the edges of bookshelves and making the parts of furniture and cabinet doors and drawers.

Better working of router bit depends upon its proper installation. If the bits are adjusted at a specific height, nuts of the collet are properly tightened and bits and router are cleaned then the router bit turns to be highly durable and gives the best outcomes.