11 Best Table Saw Under $200 2023 – Must-have Tool for Woodworking

A table saw is a necessity in a woodworker’s toolbox. They are much more accurate than circular saws when it comes to cutting materials and they have the capability of cutting large pieces of materials with ease as well.

Whether it is building a table or framing the door, this tool is a must-have. It will help largely to speed up your project and that is why a list of the best 7 table saws that can be found under $200 is right below, so, let us take a look at it!

Top Table Saws Under $200

1. Rockwell Bladerunner X2 – Best Table Saw Under $200

Rockwell Bladerunner X2


It is always helpful when you can simply move around the tool with ease. Since there is a carry handle built inside this product, you know that moving around is not all that hard anymore.

To make sure that as much safety as possible is provided, a riving knife along with the standard guard has been installed in the product. This helps you perform scrolls, rips, miter cuts, and cross simply without having to put in many efforts.

With the stand T-shank blade that is about 4”, you will get used to this table saw easily as every brand uses this kind of blade in making their table saws, so you can use this product with familiarity.

But to make things better, the brand decided to throw in an extra inch so this will help you cut materials, such as wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, steel, etc with ease. You can hook the product up a shop vac with the help of the vacuum port. This cleans it out while you are cutting.


  • A riving knife has been included.
  • The gauge is adjustable.
  • The vacuum port is super helpful.

2. Worx Wx572l Bladerunner X2

Worx Wx572l Bladerunner X2


This saw assists and allows the user to attain straighter, wider and also, longer cuts. It can be easily moved around due to it being lightweight at less than 15 pounds. There is also an added level of security to this device in the forms of a safety switch and a safety key.

This helps lift the weight off the user’s shoulders as long as accidental starts are concerned, which, honestly can be quite risky. This device can easily make its way into your cost-effective tools collection and is known to last long.

The Worx Wx572I Bladerunner X2 is portable, easy to install, set up, and even operate.


  • This device weighs 14.7 pounds with dimensions of 15.71 x 16.89 x 7.13 inches.
  • This device comes along with five blades.

3. Portable Table Saw

Portable Table Saw


This is a mini saw that you are looking at and it is about 4 inches in size. It has a capacity of about 15MM cutting depth and to make it easier for lifting, hexagonal bolts have been put to use. This will meet your needs perfectly.

This table saw uses about three blades for its saw part and this is extremely helpful when it comes to creating handmade crafts made out of wood. The clamp of the saw blade measures up to the diameter of 24MM which is not bad for a start.

The motor power you come across here is extremely great and the best part is that it does not produce all that much noise.


  • The product has about four shock pads that have been made out of rubber.
  • This tool lets you perform DIY activities anywhere including your home.

4. Libaotml Mini Table Saw

Libaotml Mini Table Saw


You are being presented with another mini table saw and the reason behind this is that such saws make a good partner for friendly surroundings. This product specifically has a better set of accessories integrated within the table saw than the ones you will find in the market.

You can perform ample tasks with this simple tool, such as polishing, carving, cutting, and even grinding various materials, for example, rocks, jewelry, jade, wood, metals, etc. a front dial has been added as well which is super helpful when it comes to controlling the overall speed at which the device works.

The product also has buffing wheels included that measure up to 4-¼ inches in diameter but it is possible to use wheels that have a diameter of about 6 inches. The two blades are capable of cutting objects of about 30MM.


  • With the help of the threaded mandrels, your buffing wheels can be switched with ease.
  • The product uses a motor of 350 power which helps in avoiding any loss of speed.

5. Mini Miter Saw

Mini Miter Saw


This compact little device is surprisingly powerful with its 795 motor, which lasts for quite a while with strong power and can cut through all sorts of hard objects. It also helps with multi-angle grinding and cutting, facilitated by its zero to 45-degree angle adjustment.

The height of the device can also be adjusted and the distance from the blade and table controlled. A large protective cover is also inculcated for safety during usage. Although this tiny device is powerful, the noise it emits is merely 80 decibels and is very soft.

This tool can easily cut through materials such as stainless steel sheets, iron sheets, plastic, wood, etc. There are also little arrows and minor details that assist the user and make the use of the tool convenient.


  • This tool weighs 5.99 pounds with package dimensions of 10.8 x 9.4 x 8.2 inches.
  • The tool itself is accompanied by 2 blades and instructions regarding the same.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Table Saw Under $200

A table saw is a tool that every person involved with woodwork will depend on massively. They have thousands of uses and the number of uses can be multiplied when you add simple accessories to the table saw.

Table saws move the piece of wood closer to the blade which gives you precise and sharp cuts. This is exactly why you need a table saw but choosing the right table saw may not be as easy as you expected.

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying a table saw.

The Different Types Of Table Saws Available

There are many aspects to consider when types of table saws are presented. They can be based on their portability and these models can be divided into two types, job site and compact. These come with a stand and this stand usually has wheels for easy transportation.

There are also the benchtop saws that are pretty dependent on the table or the surface for support instead of coming with a stand. For some people, this is much more convenient than compact or job site saws.

Now, these can be classified as the portable type as well because they can be carried from one place to another pretty easily.

The Saw Blade Used

When it comes to table saw, it is common to estimate that the saw blades have been divided according to their arbor size, kerf size, diameter, application, the number of teeth, speed along the material that was used in the making of the blade.

Most of the table saws you come across have a blade that roughly measures up to either 10” or 12”. Although, there are saw blades out there that are no longer than 5” or maybe as huge as a single foot.

The estimated number of teeth can go up to anywhere between 24 and 80 and you should also be mindful about the left tilt or the right tilt as well. There are pros and cons for each tilt.

Miter And Fence Gauge

When you look closely, the fence is just as important a part of a table saw as any other. The way the fence makes a whole lot of difference and that difference might just help things become beneficial for you.

The T-square fence features a robust design and provides excellent accuracy. A rip cut would be an impossible task with the lack of a fence. As for the crosscuts and angled cuts, you will have to depend on the miter gauge your saw has.

The Motor

Another thing that makes every table saw unique is the sort of motor used in the product. Most of the portable saws you come over feature motors that are direct-drive-based and operate on circuits of 120V.

With this, they are capable of producing up to 2hp that is sufficient to cut thin and small materials with accuracy. There are also table saws that have a much powerful motor. Now, more power is the equivalent of more energy and thus, long working time along with speed.

The stronger motors usually operate on 240V and use a belt drive to push the power to the blade from the motor.

best budget table saw

The Safety Features

While it is fun to do harmful work, it is still harmful. And so is using a table saw. You need to make sure that you are in a safe environment and handle the tool with care because if done otherwise, the tool can be deadly for you and anyone around you.

This is why a couple of safety features have been installed in the product, for example, riving knives, splitters, and kickback pawls are all safety features that will help reduce the chances of a kickback occurring. Blade guards are important to protect your fingers.

The Accessories

Some things such as an on/off switch, table extensions, wheels, that give you control over the height and tilt of the blade, the onboard storage, and systems for the collection of dust are all found in a basic table saw.

This makes them safer, speaking with the switch in mind, as you can simply just turn the tool on and off and expands their usages, speaking with wheels in mind as they let you move it from anywhere to anywhere.

Take the rip capacity of the saw up by another level with the extension table and you should be good to go.


Table saws have always been pretty useful. You can use them to miter, bevel, cut, cross, and rip material with accurate angles and that is not all! You can make an addition of accessories to make those possibilities limitless.

Although they are useful, not everyone can handle working with them. You need skill and patience to master the skill. But either way, if you are experienced in woodwork, it will be easier for you to work with a table saw.

If not, that is alright, just make sure that you have someone who knows how to handle such a thing with you to avoid any accidents. Above was a list of a couple of table saws that you can find online for below $200.

And if you are not sure how to decide which product to go for, a buyer’s guide has also been added to help you figure that out.


best budget table saw

Are table saws dangerous?

When you think about it, what is not dangerous? It is also a risky job performing woodwork for yourself and professionally, you need to know the right way to use tools to stay safe. So, yes, a table saw can be dangerous if you do not know how to use it. You better do it under the supervision of someone who knows instead if you are still learning.

Is a riving knife included in a table saw?

Riving knives are highly recommended as they help avoid most misfortunes associated with hands and a table saw. They are tools that could be classified as a piece of safety equipment. They help in avoiding any kickbacks by keeping the cut sections of the material separated.

Is it possible for you to use a table saw on a door?

Yes, you can use a table saw to cut out a portion of your door but there are other options that you consider when it comes to buying a table saw. So, do your research and be thorough.

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