DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480 2023 Review – Which Table Saw Is Better?

Since the time when woodworking has become famous, table saws have been in the market. They have now become the most popular and favorite tool for woodworkers and hobbyists.

If you are a professional woodworker or deal with woodworking procedures on a daily basis, then you must know the importance of table saws in the field of carpentry. Moreover, the availability of accurate tools with you is necessary to make your work efficient and reliable.


The first thing we do while purchasing a tool is the selection of the brand you are going to purchase it. As soon as you select some brand, it becomes difficult to select one of a superior model which should be enough for your woodworking projects.

To make this selection easy, we have selected two main models of the DeWalt company, the DW745, and the DWE7480. With these models, we are providing you with a comparison of both of them and mentioning their similarities to help you select the best for you.

DW745 vs DWE7480

DeWalt DW745 vs DW7400

Both of these models are efficient in their performance and reliable in terms of functioning, but still, they are independent in features and characteristics of each other.

Rotation Speed

These table saws contain the same 15 amperes power for the motor, but there is a difference in their rotation per minute count. The DW745 model can run its motor at a speed of 3800 RPM.

Whereas when compared to the DWE7480 model, we observed that the cutting speed of this model is 4800 RPM. Concluding it, we can say that with the higher RPM value, the DWE7480 can cut stiffer and wider subjects conveniently.

So we can say that DWE7480 is a more powerful, efficient, and time-saving table saw for more complex and heavy objects.


DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480

The dimensions of DW745 are 22.72 x 29.21 x 16.73, according to the experts, which, when compared with the DWE7480, makes the most compact and suitable size to organize your work correctly.

Whereas on the other hand, the DWE7480 is more extensive and more considerable, with measurements of 25.75 x 26.50 x 13.88 inches. With these size facts, we can say that DW745 is ideal and suitable for smaller and professional workplaces.

Alternatively, the DWE7480 is not really compatible with storing it in your workplace.

Similarities Between DWE7480 And DW745

The first and foremost thing I would like to mention here is that both of these table ores are from the same series of 10-inch table saws by DeWalt.

Both of these models use 24 inches carbide-tipped teeth which enhance the fastness and sharpness of their blades. Both of these models can cut up to 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

No separate tools or adjustment accessories are needed to check out these models and make them function. There are rear feet present on both of the models to ensure they can stand on rough surfaces easily.

Furthermore, one last and beneficial similarity is that both of them cost almost the same.


DeWalt Table saw

Why are DWE7480 discontinued?

This is of a 10-inch size which is being discontinued because of the periodic modifications and requirements. The new portable table saws, which are easy to carry here and there, are now coming in 8 inches sizes.

If you still want to get 10 inches DWE7480 sawDWE7480 saw, you can get it right now. Otherwise, it won’t be available in near future.

What replaced DW745?

The DWE7485 has replaced the old DW745 model. It is the new and latest model which came as a replacement. This new version is almost similar in functioning and size to the old version. Whereas it is not entirely supporting the 10 inches blade size of the older DW745.

How much does a DeWalt portable saw weigh?

With only 45 pounds, the DeWalt portable sores are very efficient and easy to carry. You can take them from your workplace to anywhere around if your worksite changes. These portable saws are easy to manage and hold because of their low weight characteristics.

How much maintenance for the table saws is needed?

Table saws are messy if they do not have dust bags, but because of the presence of dust bags, they make themselves and their environment clean.

You are required to keep on checking your tables regularly to ensure they are working correctly. Moreover, it is essential for you to carry out an inspection after every project so that you would be able to know about the minor mistakes even at early times


Both of the table saws are slightly different from each other and much similar to each other. They both have their own specifications and performance level.

There are mainly two differences between these two models of table saws made by the DeWalt company. For us to recommend the one is quite difficult because it totally depends upon your purpose of buying on the project for which you are going to purchase the table saw.

Keep in mind your aim and look for the area where you are going to place this table saw. In this way, you will be able to select the most adequate and appropriate table saw.

We generally will say that DWE7480 is relatively high in performance and efficient in functioning. On the other hand, the DW745 is compact and portable in size, which makes it suitable for those who changed their workplace.

You can select the suitable one according to your project, demand, and need.