Top Buying Guide For WOODWORKING Project

Our buying guides consist of in-depth tests, comparisons, and research conducted by our experts.

What is Wood Hutt?

Wood Hutt is a project launched by William Ernie. He is an experienced woodworker, but he has been into woodworking years before this hobby became his profession. William Ernie thinks of woodwork more than that of a profession – to him it is an art that connects the woodworker with the nature and with their own inner self. It all started with easy DIY woodworking gigs that William Ernie was known for way before he turned this hobby into a profession. For over 22 years, William Ernie created wooden products from his small shop in California City. Wood Hutt is a project that William Ernie had in his mind for years. It is a website that will educate the woodwork loving masses, provide help with DIY projects and it would help beginners pick best woodwork equipment through its honest product reviews.

How Is This Website Helpful?

WoodHutt is a project in making. It is developing fast as you read this page. We are working smart to make it into a resource for those who want to know about woodwork, those who take it as a hobby and those who are into this old and interesting profession. The aim is to turn it into a knowledgebase that all of you would consult whenever you need to know something about woodwork or the equipment needed for a specific type of project. So far, our writers have written amazing product reviews to help our readers tell good woodwork equipment from the bad one.

What is Our Review Process?

We have a 3-fold review process. People at Wood Hutt are not associated to any manufacturer of woodwork products and equipment. We take pride in being woodworkers who set up this website to help fellow woodworkers and those who take this as a hobby. This is why you should never doubt our sincerity and the research that we go through before writing these reviews.

What is our 3-fold process? Well, it can be explained in 3 different phases:

Phase 1 – We never claim and we definitely do not acquire each and every of the products that we review on our platform. However, being seasoned woodworkers, my team and I already possess a lot of woodworking tools and the first/most important reviews on this website were written based on our firsthand knowledge of these tools. Each and everyone of us owns our own equipment, which is why not only the products in each equipment are not the same, but we cross-examine them and thus review them based on more than one expert opinion.

Phase 2 – We know our way around research. Writers in our team (including me) put each and every product to wringer before we write a review. We research thoroughly on each and every product to develop a wholesome idea of the pros and cons. We prefer Amazon because it covers our readers (its buyers) with a warranty, but our product research is not limited to the retail giant’s website only.

Phase 3 – Last, but not the least, to have a more wholesome and realistic idea of the quality of the products that we review, we keenly observe and read verified customers’ reviews on each product. 

This 3-fold process is the reason why our reviews are the most honest and research-based ones with the maximum possible factual accuracy.