Best Wood Router to buy in 2019 – Review – Buyer Guide

Best wood router

Best woodworking router to buy in 2019

Most of the people think that the best wood router is a necessary piece of equipment when it

Best Wood Router

 comes to woodworking. So, do you agree with this statement?

There is no doubt that there are many router tool in the market but why am I here? I am just here to help you to choose the best-rated wood routers.

Here, I will talk you through some of the best examples of prominent wood routers and how to use them. On the other hand, I will mention every feature and property of the best wood router in detail.

In this way, it is easy for you to choose and decide which one is best for you to use.

 When we talk about the best wood router, you must keep a few things in your mind.  The router must be useful and have many possible best properties as well as features.

And there is no doubt that features are most essential while buying the best wood router for the money. Without further details,

 Comparison of the best wood router review 2019. 

DeWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP7 x 10.2 x 19.2 inches8 pounds Check Price
Bosch 1617EVSPK6.2 x 19.5 x 14.5 inches18.2 pounds Check Price
Porter-Cable 753811.5 x 7 x 13.1 inches0.16 ounces Check Price
DeWALT DW618PK15.9 x 24 x 9.1 inches22.3 pounds Check Price
Hitachi KM12VC4 x 22.2 x 16 inches9.9 pounds Check Price
Skil 18179 x 13 x 8 inches12 pounds Check Price
Bosch PR20EVSk15 x 13 x 8 inches8.25 pounds Check Price
Makita RT0701CX717 x 10 x 7 inches10 pounds Check Price
Porter-Cable 690LR10 x 10 x 8 inches9.4 pounds Check Price
Bosch 1617EVSTB16 x 9 x 10.2 inches13.3 pounds Check Price

1 DeWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP(Best Woodworking Router)

Best Wood Routers


DeWalt is in the eyes and top choices for all the woodworkers in the world. As the whole kit includes a carrying bag of Nylon. The product also includes two different bases. We know that a fixed base router is best for trimming and edging needs. On the other hand, plunge base router allows you to take essentially, a router into a fully capable plunge router. Don’t worry, the router is largest enough to tackle more than 90% of the projects and applications.

The router also comes with two bright LED lights, helps you to see the workpiece a lot easier. Did I mention its motor? If no, then it includes a soft-start motor, so helps you to use the motor for a long interval of time without jerking and inconvenience.

Key Specification
  • Plunge Base and Fixed Base
  • Soft start motor
  • Adjustment to within 1/64”
  • 25HP motor
  • 7 Amps
  • Dual LED lights
  • No load speed
  • 12 slot spindle lock
  • 5 position adjustable turret
  • Dust sealed rocker switch
  • Weighs between 4.1 pounds and 6.2 pounds
Soft Start/ Horse PowerCollet and Bit Shank SizeCutting Depth
When you look at any type of router, it is the first thing to look at horsepower rating of the motor. The same feature also applies to the palm as well as a small tool like DWP611PK. As the router has a 1.25 HP motor that is able to make it one of the smaller tools available in the market. But don’t go to its smaller size because it comes with a lot of torque and power, therefore, it is the perfect product for smaller projects. Another thing to look is the soft start of the motor, as the feature is able to minimize the torque on the motor. You can say that the feature is able to minimize and reduce more stress on the motor of the router.
How we forget to define the size of the bit and collect in the DeWalt DWP611PK router review. What is collet? It is steel that holds the bit of the router in the router. It also works with the router that is directly connected to the motor as well. So, keep in mind the size of bit shank while purchasing a router. In common, two sizes of bit shank available in the market 0.5” and 0.25”. You have to consider one more thing that is a range of bit sizes comes with the router. After working with the DeWalt, we have concluded that it is best for the beginners as well as professional woodworkers.
You must also consider cutting depth of the router while purchasing a good quality router. It comes with 9 different slot collet for more and more bit contact with the router shank to make it easier to loosen as well as tighten the bits. It comes with 1.5” travel standard base and 2” with the plunge base. So, it provides you secure and smooth operations at all the time. These adjustments are achievable in this router due to large and low pressure easy to use the spindle lock button. So, you can easily change the bits without the rotation of the spindle 360 degrees.


  • Plunge as well as fixed kit
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Featured with soft start
  • Excellent for small projects
  • 16,000 to 27,000


  • Overheating
  • Melts some parts

 Customer Review

 Almost every customer is very happy with the results of the wood router, especially for the small projects. However, some people reported about overheating. So, if you run it for a longer interval of time then the tool will become very hot and it may melt some parts. On the other hand, some people are also complaining about the power code as well. 

2. Bosch EVSPK (Best Fixed-Base Router)

Best Wood Routers

If you are really looking for the best plunge as well as a fixed-based router, then, Bosch is the best option. It comes with the 12 Amp and 2.25 HP electronic motor.

It is also featured with the soft start to start to it smoothly. The speed of the wood router varies from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM. As the overall construction of the router is of aluminum with the feature of wooden handles. On the other hand, plunge base has soft grip handle.

The wood router also comes with the one year warranty and many other features including collet chunks, carrying case, chip shields, and wrenches. It is reported that both fixed as well as plunge bases have very quick clamp system. You can get luxurious if you will use this product with its best router tables.

This system allows a fast conversion that requires no tool as well. On the other hand, the motor also takes seconds to start. Therefore, it is one of the best wood router in the market.

Variable Speed MotorConsistent SpeedLarge Collet Capacity
It is one of the top most features of this tool. There are also risks of using standard motor because it uses one speed. So, it will burn out the motor when you use this for a long interval of time. So, with the feature of adjustable speed, you can adjust the speed of the motor based on the requirements
As we know that fixed base router is able to provide consistent speed when you are cutting. The tool also allows the router to monitor itself when you use because of its Constant Response Circuitry. Due to this feature, it will maintain the speed level during the longest cutting jobs.
You have seen in some of the routers used in the past that you don’t know what to expect when turning it on. As the tool jolting away from you when it comes with traditional engines. How to solve this problem? As the soft start motor is able to prevent this problem. With the help of this feature, the motor will heat up and running very quickly in seconds. So, it can maintain a consistent level of power for a long interval of time.


  • Plunge as well as fixed base kit
  • Featured with soft start
  • Quick conversion
  • No tools
  • Made of aluminum
  • Wooden handles
  • 12 Amp motor fit


  • Switch failure reported

Customer Review

There is no doubt that customers are overall very happy with the wood router but there are some little complaints. People have reported the failure of the switch. On the other hand, they reported that switch is easily replaced by Bosch, don’t worry about that. Some people also reported that the motor is not fitting easily in the plunge base. The reason is that people have experienced trouble while fitting the motor in the plunge base. 

 3. Porter-Cable 7538(Best Plunge Router)

Best Wood Routers

If you are really looking for a wood router that is easier to use then this is the best option. With the inclusion of the auto-release collect system, it makes it easy to remove after use. It featured with the 15 Amp motor that is able to provide enough power and durability.

So, you can say it is an excellent wood router for the tough applications.

It also comes with the single speed of 21,000 RPM with the feature of soft start. According to reviews, it is the best plunge router available in the market.

On the other hand, it comes with 3.25 HP motor as well as six positions depth rod. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the hobbyist as well as experienced workers. Then, you can say it is one of the best wood router for woodworking.


  • Very powerful plunge router
  • Featured with the range of 3” plunge range
  • Soft start
  • Also well suitable for tough applications
  • 21,000 RPM
  • 25 HP Motor


  • Very hard to use the user manual
  • Doesn’t include dust collector attachment

 Customer Review

It is happy to note that the tool has received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Therefore, it is a little bit hard for critics to find any problem with the tool. People reported and complaints about the user manual because it is not much useful. The reason is that wood router is quite easy to operate with the use of user manual. On the other hand, some people reported not inclusion of the dust collector. But luckily it is an easy task to achieve and solve this problem.

4. DeWALT DW618PK 12 Amp(best wood router for home use)

Best Wood Routers


It is the best wood router for you if you are really working with some of the toughest hardwood. The router I would say comes with the 12 Amp and 2.25 HP electronic speed motor. It is also featured with the soft start. On the other hand, it is a versatile wood router that comes with 0.50” and 0.25” collets. It is also both a fixed and plunge wood router.

As the bases are very easy to change because the steel motor also features a cam lock system. On the other hand, these features will make the base switch required zero tools. The router also comes with the dust collector that is able to collect almost 95% of the dust with ease. It also contributes to wear and tear of the machine. The wood router also featured with the 3-year warranty. So, you can say it is the best wood router for beginners.


  • Most powerful motor with a cam lock
  • Also featured with the dust collector
  • Both fixed as well as plunge wood router
  • Bases are easy to change
  • 3-year warranty


  • Little bit noisy
  • No centering tool exist

Customer Review


We know that DeWALT is the name of the trust for the people. They are best known for their quality products, therefore, it is really hard to find any critic. But there are some of the minor ones. Most of the people reported that wood router does not come with the centering tool as well. Therefore, most of the people asked that luxurious brand to include this system for the betterment of the brand.

 5. Hitachi KM12VC(Best router wood curving)

 Best Wood Routers

No doubt, I would say this is the best router for controlled and precise cutting. Hitachi is the 11 Amp wood router with the 2.25 HP motor. Comes with the dual feature of fixed and plunge bases. So, you must thank the release clamp feature of the tool. When it comes to accurate and exact depth adjustment, 2-stage release clamp is very useful.

The tool has also a noise level that is no more than 79.5Db. So, it is good for the people who like to work in the less noisy conditions. The wood router comes with some excellent features of 0.25” and 0.50 collet chucks, 16 mm wrench, centering gauge, and template guide adapter. According to reports, its speed goes up to 24,000 RPM and you are able to control its speed as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is one of the best wood router.


  • Well Quiet
  • Precise control and cutting
  • Comes with powerful 11 Amp motor
  • Both plunge and fixed wood router
  • 24,000 RPM


  • Speed controller may fail

Customer Review

Some people reported that speed control is one of the basic problems for the users. People asked that speed control does not work very well. Some of the people also reported that speed controller also stopped working completely after a certain limit of time. There is no doubt that it is an important issue that could break the deal for most of the people. If you want to solve this problem,then you can contact the manufacturers.

6. Skil 1817

Best Wood Routers

The Skil router featured with the soft start that is able to start smoothly. It also incises the life of the motor. A comparison with some of the other luxurious brands, this model is excellent for large applications profile. It comes with a capacity of 0.50” collet. You can say it is the wood router with excellent and perfect depth adjustment. Therefore, it is just excellent for precise depth measurement in this case. The tool also comes with luxurious router tables and best router lifts.

On the other hand, it is convenient and easy to use because comes with on/off switch. You are able to control in a better way. So, the quick-release button performs the removal and adjustment of the motor. The whole machine also comes with a special LED light which will help you to operate in the easiest way. you can say, it is the best wood router for beginners.


  • LED light included
  • Featured with soft start
  • Excellent depth adjustment
  • Precise measurement


  • Best for only beginners and basic woodworking

Customer Review


There are many customer reviews on this product, some of these are very critical and some are very positive. According to reviews, some people reported that they have not received all the parts with this tool. This is a big problem and should not neglect in any way. It is a slight mistake at the time of packaging. So, you are recommended to just inform the manufacturers. So, you will receive missing parts without any inconvenience and problem.

 7.Bosch PR20EVSk (best handheld router)

Best Wood Routers

It is another luxurious equipment from a luxury brand that is none other than Bosch. The tool is a fixed base wood router that comes with the feature of an edge guide. The whole machine also featured with a quick lock system and soft start. The motor is of 5.6 Amp and 15,000 to 35,000 RPM. On the other hand, it is quite convenient to use because featuring finger support pockets.

The whole tool is made of aluminum, therefore, you are able to not its soft grip very quickly. One of the best wood routers also featured with a fixed base, palm router, shaft wrenches, collet, edge guide and drop-forged collet with some other useful parts. With the inclusion of a quick-clamp system makes it’s very convenient to use and move the motor from base to base. The brand also provides a luxurious warranty of 1-year. Therefore, considered as one of the best wood router.


  • Quick lock system
  • Featured soft start
  • Precise edge guide
  • Soft grip machine
  • 15,000 to 35,000 RPM
  • Affordable price


  • Very hard to keep eye on your work
  • No LED light exist

Customer Review

 Most of the critics are considering the facts that the router is made of aluminum. Some people reported that the tool does not feature a LED light. Since it not a big deal and real problem because you can fix this easily. So, think all these features before buying this tool.  

8. Makita RT0701CX7

Best Wood Routers

One of the most convenient and easy to use wood routers. The router comes with the feature of speed control. What is the benefit of this feature? The feature enables you to match the speed to each of the application. Therefore, the speed goes between 10,000 and 30,000 RPM. Makita also comes with the rack-and-pinion smooth adjustment system setting.

The whole design of the tool makes it easier to control as well as use. It featured with the motor of 1.25 HP. But there is also an electronic speed controller that helps to maintain the speed of one of the best wood router. It also features with soft start and cam lock for necessary and quick release. Due to its convenience and performance, people think that it is best to plunge router. So, you can easily say, it is the best wood router.


  • Featured with electronic speed controller
  • Soft start
  • Excellent and convenient performance
  • Precise and convenient
  • 10,000 to 30,000 RPM


  • No guide for the plunge base

Customer Review

 Many people are much critical because they don’t get the best guide for the plunge base of the router. But I think this is not a big deal because if you have experience in woodworking, then, you can easily know how to use this. Some people also reported that they have received broken parts upon purchase. So, we suggest you to use replace and warranty option. So, manufacturers will absolutely solve these issues within no time.

9. Porter-Cable 690LR (Best Budget Router)

Best Wood Routers


Porter-cable is another best wood router. It is a fixed base router that featured with 11 Amp motor and with the power of 1.75HP. Don’t go to the feature, you will quickly realize its quality after using this. Nothing other but we are talking about its 27,000 RPM so just thanks to its speedy motor. On the other hand, both motors as well as based are made of aluminum.

Also features with the 0.25” and 0.50” collets, so you can operate manual and a collet wrench. On the other hand, the switch is also dust-sealed and the entire guard is against tearing and wearing. All of these features are user-friendly because they can help to achieve the best performance. It also comes with the luxurious warranty of 3-year. Therefore, you can say that it is the best wood router for beginners.


  • 27,000 RPM
  • Base and Motor of aluminum
  • Excellent to use often
  • 75 HP and 11 Amp motor
  • Much resistant to tear and wear
  • Features with different collets
  • Great hand router


  • No case included

Customer Review

 Many people have reported that that tool does not come with the case. Some people think that this is not necessary but it is quite important to some of the people. The reason is that the case is very important to keep all the components very close to the router. You may lose some of the wrenches, collets, and flush cuts without a case. On the other hand, if you are much careful with the parts of the router, then, the missing case does not have to be a deal breaker. But overall, people like this wood router for its luxurious features.

10. Bosch 1617EVSTB ( Best Router For Router Table)

Best Wood Routers


No doubt, it is one of the excellent wood routers from luxurious brand, Bosch. It has dual qualities of plunge and fixed. The equipment comes with 12 Amp with the power of 2.25 HP, with these qualities it will provide the speed of 8,000 to 25,000 RPM. What are the things included in the kit? The kit also comes with vacuum hose adapter, dust extraction hood, 0.50” collets, and deluxe edge guide.

On the other hand, you will also appreciate its micro and fine depth adjustment. Due to its soft start feature, it is able to cut 8” from the edge as well. So, people of fond of this tool because they can quickly turn this tool into the circular guide. One more thing, it is able to circles and arcs of 32” diameter.


  • Features an edge guide
  • Micro and fine depth adjustment
  • Soft start feature
  • Both fixed and plunge
  • Convertible into circle guide


  • A little bit hard to get the motor out of the plunge
  • May ruin your warranty

Customer Review

  Despite, there are also some little and critical wood routers reviews on this model. The reason is that people are finding little difficulties at the time of getting motor out of the plunge base. If it will happen, you can contact the manufacturers. There is a problem with this, it will ruin your warranty deal, so I suggest you no to do this. But contact with the manufacturers if they help you in any way. 

What is Wood Router?

Actually a wood router in a tool or hand tool that allows a person to hollow out an area inside a larger piece of wood with ease. It also allows us to create joints, designs, shape edges, and do plunge cuttings. So, according to my research, a best-fixed router is able to do all this.

On the other hand, there are also small wood routers. People use these routers for intricate detail work as well as one-off pieces. You can say that they tend to lack the power of big wood routers. In short words, small routers are closed power under 1.75HP. 

Buyers Guide

If you have bought a wood router for the first time then you just need a little bit guide to operate this in the right way. On the other hand, if you are still a beginner, then the best thing is to understand some basics before you purchase this. First thing is what is the wood router? We have explained this at the start of this article. So, keep on reading this article if you want to learn all of the basic and essential things about the best wood router for beginners.


As I have said before the wood router has a large number of types. Upon all these types only two are most common. I want to say that people just came across plunge and fixed wood routers. Which type of router you have to choose always depends upon your need and work. So questioned yourself before buying any mini wood router. Here we have some of the types of best wood router easily available in the market.

Plunge Routers

We have talked about this router number of times in this article, but people don’t know exactly about this type. This luxurious type of router has a spring loaded base, this thing allows you to push the bit just into the wood. On the other hand, most of the times you have just allowed to lock the base at a different depth just depending on the type of application for which you are using this.

If you want to change the depth at the time of usage then simply unlock the depth release. You can say that it is one of the main differences between a fixed base and plunge base wood routers. Another difference between these twos plunge base is able to cut in the middle but not the edge of your work. You can say that it is one of the advantages of the best wood router. All of this router is much versatile and offer two much things but they are just a little bit harder than that of fixed base wood routers.

Fixed Base Wood Router

IF you are a beginner in this work then this is the best option or choice for you to start. But you must keep one thing in your mind that the best way to use this wood router when it is fitted on the router table. So, you can say that it is a very useful tool when you are just looking for precise edge molding as well as cutting. You can do anything with this router that requires a straight line cutting.

On the other hand, the router is also very easy to operate, the reason is that it is light in weight than that of the plunge base wood router. But the model does not allow you to change the blade depth when the motor is on working.

Interchangeable Bases

When you are unable to decide between plunge and fixed bases routers then its time to work with interchangeable routers. There are some models which offer both of these facilities. What to do? You have to remove the motor from one base and put this on another. All of these models are most convenient to use because they offer both bases in one tool. Therefore, you don’t have to buy these separate wood routers. With this method, you will not only save money but also your time as well. 

Rotary Router

If you are really looking for a piece of equipment with the facility of light then this is the best one. The tool is able to perform an excellent job on routing detailing as well as tasks. Therefore, the tool is much popular among hobbyist and craftsmen. This is the reason it is very compact as well as convenient to use. So, you are able to use this tool for different types of application and it is just a great addition in the best wood router.

Few things to must aware

In the light of reviews from the people, there are some questions when people talking about wood routers as well as any other product available in the world. People always give positive and negative reviews about any product. Then, how to forget about wood routers. Most of the question being asked by the beginners because they don’t really know how to use and work with these best wood router.

Upon this question, I have collected some of the new questions about this product.

How Wood Router Works?

It is one of the basic questions which is being asked by the people. On the other hand, it is the process that is done with really high speed. What is the meaning of this? This really means shaping, cutting as well as trimming of the wood. Most of the times, the tool consist of an electric motor and a base with a collet. We know that the collet is just placed at the very end of the shafts of the motor. For smooth running, you just have to adjust the height of the bid.

To control the speed or any other setting, each tool also features with the handle or control knob. As we know that there are plenty of wood routers available in the market, therefore, you have a number of options or choices to choose the best wood router according to your preferences and needs. Once you will operate this in the right way, then, you are able to work with this product in the future.

How to Use a Wood Router?

We have described how a wood router works with ease. Now, it is time to explain to you how to use a best-rated wood router with ease. As different people use a router to apply different designs and shapes and cut the wood. if you want to make a wood design through router check it. It is interesting to know that these tools won’t work properly if you will not install them properly. So, if you will not install them, it will not work with ease and also produce large noise as well.

On the other hand, this can also be dangerous for you as well as the application you are using. Before using, make sure that all parts of the tool are installed properly and they are working properly for your application as well. You are also able to create different and luxurious profiles on the edge of the wood if you will use different parts of the tool with the combination of partial profiles.

Fixed Base VS. Plunge Base

It is one of the trickiest questions we have in this concern. The answer to the question is mostly depends on personal needs and preferences. Every person has a different opinion on both of these tools. Both of these have pros and cons. In reality, fixed base routers are easier to use than that of the plunge base. On the other hand, plunge base routers are even more versatile than that of other available in the market. So, if you are a beginner and confused between these twos, then, we recommend you to use interchangeable based wood routers.

Material Used

best wood router have different parts. As we know that all of these parts are made of different materials. The thing to know is what type of material you are working on. To answer this question, we are going to explain all these types of materials.

High-speed steel

We have used all these tools for softer materials. As these tools are used for the softer material, therefore, they are able to maintain their sharpness for the long interval of time. So, we recommend you to use this material who don’t have used their routers as often.

Solid Carbide

IF you are just looking for the durable as well as stronger bit then you are exactly in the right place. We are able to work on the hardest material with the help of these tools. On the other hand, you can use these bits for a long interval of time because these are long-lasting. But you keep in mind that these are a little bit more expensive. As their long lasting life is the main thing to consider because it makes them worth the money.

Carbide Tipped

These types of tools are even stronger than that of the high-speed steel bits. These are able to hold their edge longer because it makes them work even better for the harder material. With the help of this material, you can work on the metal as well as hardwood. Therefore, these bits are among the favorites for the people who used these best wood router.

Best Features

Features always matter a lot in any of the products available. People always looking for products which have more luxurious features and properties. So, we have a list of all the properties which matters a lot while purchasing the best wood router for beginners.


The motor is one of the basic parts of the wood routers. If the motor is good and powerful enough then all is good for these tools. As we know that routers are tasked with the difficult job of cutting wood in specific shape and designs. What is the meaning of this? This means that all these tools must have a lot of muscles to do their job very well.

Most routers come with the name of different power levels of the motor. As we know that palm or trim routers come around 1 to 1.5 HP. While on the other hand, mid-size router have motors of the power between 1 to 2.5 HP and large routers have power above 3 HP. So motors are one of the most convenient and basic things which must consider before buying this product.

Soft Starting

You cannot imagine the importance of this feature until you will use another product. If you got a chance to use many routers then you know and experience this feature very well. Soft starting eases the use or speed up the routers within a few parts of the second. So, you can imagine the importance of this feature very well. It is easier for a person but also easier for the tool as well.

LED Work Light

No doubt, I am a great LED work light because it can make your life easier. This is a small flashlight on any parts of the best wood router that turns on when the switch is engaged. What is the benefit of this light? We know workshops always have enough light to work properly in it. But sometimes standing in the wrong place can throw some type of shadow on the workpiece. With this matter, you are unable to work properly. So, recommend you to buy a wood router that must have the facility of LED work light.

Variable Speed

Change in speed in another best option of the best-fixed router. Variable speed is an extremely important feature in the wood router. The reason is that sometimes a person requires slow speed router and sometimes high speed. On the other hand, not all the bits perform very well at the highest or maximum speed. It is seen that the routers with higher speed perform slowly.

As the variable speed is also important because all types of woods don’t have the same type of hardness. So, they don’t require some effort as well. Therefore, it is best for the tool to run at the proper speed neither high speed nor lower speed.

Collet Size

In this article and in reality, we have seen just two main sizes of the collet including .25” and 0.5”. Both of these have great difference among them. So, if it is possible for you then you must look for the router having 0.5” collet size. The reason is that collet size 0.5” is able to provide more grip due to its large size as well as it also includes an adapter that also accepts collet of 0.25”.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is another feature but most of the people don’t give much importance to this feature. So, there is at best a minimal amount of dust that may get collected in the best systems of the tool. So, it must collect a fair amount of dust to operate the system in the best way. But it is almost low priority feature by the people.

Above Table Adjustment

As we know that most of the wood router will in the router table. Therefore, it is very rare that it will perform any other tasks. Therefore, in this case, you are advised to make the height adjustment easily with the help of the knob as well as the handle. So, this feature will make your operation really easier.


Last but not least, safety is another best property for the usage of best wood routers. It is seen that the router with the highest speed has least senses of safety. So, we recommend you to use best and normal speed motors as well as routers to work properly and safely.

How to choose a Router?

Educate yourself before buying any best wood router if you are a beginner in this context. The thing to concern is that you have to choose the right type of router for yourself, in order to choose a best and excellent type of router, you just have to keep few things in your mind.


Most of the time the wood routers have to deal with pretty tough types of woods. So making and receiving durable wood router is the best option. A person doesn’t want a router that will break down after the usage of just 1 year. So, you must choose one of the best wood routers which will serve you for several years. So, durability is one of the best options.

Motor Type

As we talk about the motor, there are two types of motors when it comes to wood routers. The first type of motor is a single speed motor and other is variable speed motor. In the first option, you are unable to control the power output, in this case, you will a lot more power which may make some of the disadvantages for the router. But it is perfect for those people who need intense power.

On the other hand, variable speed motor able you to customize the speed of the motor and its power.

Brand Type

The third thing to concern is the brand type of wood router. As there are plenty of brands which claim that they are making the best wood routers. Some people are more conscious about the brand of the router. In common, there are two main brands in the world which are considered as best of the best, these are DeWalt and Bosch. There is no doubt that both of these brands are comparable in terms of precision, quality, power, motor types as well as durability. So, you must keep one of these names in your mind before buying the best wood routers.


Some people think that price always indicates the quality of the product. But this is not always true in nature. It is not necessary that expensive products are the best of the best. We have seen some of the best products with lower quality as well as working. So, we recommend you not to go with the price but always features and quality of the product.

Accessories of Best Wood Router

Here, we are going to explain to you some of the basic accessories of best wood routers.

Allen Keys

Allen keys are the basic choice for your tool if you just want superior depth in adjustment. As we know that the router is just not about speed and power but the depth of the penetration also matters a lot.

Extension and Chucks

If you really want precision then you must get a few extensions as well as chucks. The reason is that they allow us to get the even more precise type of routing with the increment in power. In simple words, a number of chucks mean more perfection in the tool.

Storage Boxes

You just need a box to store all the accessories that you will get with the router. So getting a large box is always very useful because you may get interchangeable bases in the future as well. So always prefer large storage boxes with all the wood routers.


  After reaching this point, I am really sure that you have already chosen the best wood router for you. The reason is that after reading customer reviews, critics, pros and cons and many other things, you are just able to make the decision to buy one of these best wood routers. We hope that this guide will help you even if you are a beginner in this context. We have tried to talk about everything that you need to know before starting this journey in woodworking. On the other hand, some skills and time are needed to be a master in every game. But hope that you will learn even faster with the help of this guide. That’s all from the guide best wood routers. We hope that you will like this guide. If you like that then share with your friends and comment your opinion below in the comment section.

Woodhutt Team

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