7 Best Router Lifts 2023: Edge Cutter – Reviews and Buying Guide

What will you do if your table doesn’t meet your size requirement? If you ask me the same, I’d just keep some even blocks under its legs so that the table meets my size preference. So, what will you do if your router is undersized?

You’ll lose your precision and here’s where the router lifts come into play as you can adjust the size of your router to optimum using them. This article reviews the best 8 router lifts in 2023, so let’s get started.

Best Router Lifts of 2023: Edge Cutter

1. KREG Router Lift

KREG Router Lift


The KREG router lift is widely known for its versatile compatibility that works with all KREG routers and over twenty other models without any conversion kits, adapting mechanisms, or equivalent.

Ease of use is embedded in the cells of this router lift. With a powerful crank attached to it, you just have to tweak it to adjust the height with utmost precision without bending down and breaking your spine.

Known for its utmost precision, the lift is supplemented by a microscale adjuster that adjusts the height in the multiples of one-sixteenth of an inch. Also, it comes with an in-built locking system that wards off all kinds of externalities and vibrations thus providing quality output.

However, the microscale adjuster is difficult to operate in reality as it requires a lot of twists and turns to get the optimal height.


  • Powerful crank that enables height adjustments without bending
  • An aluminum plate that is resistant to wear and tear
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Microscale adjuster that adjusts the height in the multiples of one-sixteenth of an inch
  • Powerful locking system

2. Incra Router Lift

Incra Router Lift


Coming with a powerful crank, you can effortlessly adjust the height of your router without bending and breaking your spine. The product also comes with a powerful lock system that wards off any kind of externalities during work ensuring precise and accurate output.

Moreover, the product is supplemented by an efficient ring system as well as a micro-level height adjustment system in the multiples of a thousandth of an inch. The ball bearing feature is commendable as it ensures the least friction while working. The product is also revered for its sturdy lift screw technique.

However, few customers complain that the crank doesn’t effectively function as a regular thumb wheel.


  • Crank that can adjust the height of the router with ease
  • Powerful lock system that eliminates externalities and adds to the accuracy and quality of the output
  • Efficient ring system
  • Micro-level height adjustment
  • Ball-bearing
  • Lift screw technique

3. Jet Router Lift

Jet Router Lift


Revered for its ease of use, the Jet router lift is backed by a very smooth and comfortable in-built chain synchronized design that ensures effortless lifting of your router. Also, the router is known for its powerful locking mechanism that wards off any possible vibrations that may affect the quality of the output.

Powerful leveling screws and brackets devised of heavy-duty aluminum hold your working table firmly without any vibrations and the router is earmarked for routers belonging to the Powermatic series.


  • Ease of use
  • In-built chain synchronized design
  • Locking mechanism
  • Leveling screws and brackets

4. MLCS Router Lift

MLCS Router Lift


Revered for its heavy-duty, MLCS Router Lift can be a boon for many router operators. It is widely venerated for its ease of use. With a very powerful, precise height adjustment gear that comes with precise markings, the router lift enables you to find your optimum height with the least effort.

Certified frustration-free, the router lift comes with guideposts and sturdy brass fittings. Also, the product is widely known for its sealed ball bearings.

Finally, coming with a powerful interlocking ring, the product is known for its seamless compatibility that can also work with non-router tables.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile height adjustment gear
  • No tools needed
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Sturdy brass fittings
  • Guideposts
  • Seamless compatibility

5. JessEm Router Lift

JessEm Router Lift

The JessEm router lift is backed by a very powerful locking mechanism that has the potential to ensure accurate work as it wards off any kind of disturbance caused by vibrations and incongruent layouts.

The router is devised of hard-anodized aluminum that makes it highly durable and rigid. The router lift is venerated for its versatile compatibility and the product claims to be compatible with the majority of routers available in the market.

The product is also backed by a considerable warranty period of one year. However, the product is in sync with routers that have a fixed base and the product doesn’t have any spare insert rings, and finding a compatible insert ring is very difficult.


  • Locking mechanism
  • Hard anodized aluminum
  • Seamless compatibility
  • Five dual-sealed bearings
  • Highly adaptive collars
  • One year warranty

6. Woodpecker Router Lift

Woodpecker Router Lift


Known for its unbelievable flexibility, the Woodpecker router lift comes with three interlocking rings that automatically adjust the height of your router to the optimum. Supplemented by a wrench complemented by a powerful spring, the router lift ensures a quick lift.

The router also comes with an adjustable wheel with micro markings that aids in the effortless and precise alteration of your router’s height. As the lift is devised of aluminum, it offers seamless rigidity and durability.

However, the router lift is compatible with certain models of the Milwaukee series only, which is a big demerit of the product.


  • Single piece motor carriage
  • Three interlocking rings
  • Wrench complemented by a powerful spring
  • Adjustable wheel with micro markings
  • Durable- devised of heavy-duty aluminum

7. Jet XACTA Router Lift

Jet XACTA Router Lift


Being certified frustration-free, the Jet router lift comes with a powerful adjustment handle and is widely known for its ease of use and effortless installation process. The router is devised of hard-anodized aluminum that adds to its rigidity and durability.

The product is supplemented by bronze-based surfaces and sturdy shafts made of steel that add to the rigidity and strength of the product. The product is accompanied by a safety guard that enhances protection during work.

The product also comes with ten leveling screws that ensure optimal height adjustment. Also, the router has mechanisms to adjust the depth with utmost scrupulousness.

However, the gear devised out of Derlin-1 is of mediocre quality and can resist abrasions only for a short duration.


  • Ease of use
  • Effortless installation
  • Rigidity and durability- made of hard-anodized aluminum
  • Bronze based surface
  • Two sturdy shafts made of steel
  • Ten leveling screws
  • Depth adjustment mechanisms

7. SawStop Router Lift

SawStop Router Lift


The SawStop router lift strives its maximum to make itself compatible with most of the routers with its reducer collars that can alter the radius of the clamp. Coming with a powerful lift mechanism, the router lift is easy to use.

The product supports router diameters from three and a quarter inches up to four and a quarter inches. The router is supplemented by a powerful locking mechanism to ward off vibrations and related externalities and a sturdy phenolic ring.

However, many customers complain that the product information is insufficient and they require a list of routers that are compatible with the product.


  • Collars make it highly flexible
  • Powerful lift- four post lifting mechanism
  • Locking mechanism
  • Phenolic ring

Buyers’ Guide To Buying Router Lifts in 2023: Edge Cutter

With the flooding of the market with a myriad of alternatives, you need to keep some cardinal factors in mind before making a final choice. Buying a router lift is not a very easy task and this buyers’ guide will aid you to condition your final decision concerning some significant factors.

Congruence With the Router

The very first thing that you’ve to keep in mind before purchasing a router lift is its synchronization with the router you have. If they both are incongruent, you’ll simply lose a few hundred dollars. The router comes at a very high price and above that, if you make more and more losses, it will be like adding insult to injury. So, make sure that the router you have is in sync with the router lift that you are planning to purchase.

Synchronization With the Working Table

Secondly, you should ensure that the router lift fits your working table. Even if the router is congruent with the lift, it may not be the case with the table. For using wi-fi on your computer, you’ve to purchase a modem separately, and here, to make your lift congruent with your table, you’ve to purchase certain conversion equipment. This will be an additional expense that is to be looked down upon considering the already heavy price of the router and the lift. Hence, ensure that the lift is in sync with your working table.


Some of you may own more than one router. In such cases, it will not be desirable to buy lifts for each router. Hence, buy a versatile router lift that is in sync with most of the router models.


The router was already a heavy investment and the router lift will also cost a few hundreds of dollars. However, always do alternative checks so that you may get an equivalent lift at a lower price.

Durability and Strength

img source: youtube.com

Since you’re spending a significant sum on a router lift, make sure that it is durable enough. Router lifts devised out of plastics may wear away sooner than those made of other materials like those devised out of cast iron. Nonetheless, the lifts devised out of steel will be more durable and optimum.

Locking Facility

Ensure that the router lift comes with a locking system or equivalent so that the work can be done with the least externalities and vibrations that ultimately result in better accuracy.

Height Alteration Mechanism

The optimal router lifts are backed by a mechanism to alter the height to meet your requirements. It is not desirable that you purchase a router lift with a standard height. Make sure that the router lift that you’re going to purchase has it.


In total, your quest to find the best router lifts in 2023: edge cutter that suits your preferences and requirements ends here. The article attempted a basic review of each router lift, showcasing the benefits and must-know features of each of them.

However, as a rational consumer, your final choice shall be nurtured and conditioned by your aspirations, requirements, and individual preferences. In the case of a router lift, the compatibility with the router you own matters a lot. Cost, brand value, durability, and flexibility matter too! After analyzing all the necessary details one can make their decision and buy the perfect router lift for themselves.


Won’t a stand or a block suffice? Do I need to invest in a router lift?

A stand or a block will be able to lift your router but you’ll have to bear certain externalities like vibrations that may affect the quality of the output. Hence, for utmost precision, it is desirable to invest in a router lift.

Can I remove the motor after installing the router lift?

Yes, you can but it is going to be a tedious task to install and reinstall the motor every time. The motor shouldn’t be removed often. If you have to remove it regularly, then purchasing a router lift may not be a good choice for you.

From what material is the most durable router lift made?

If you’re a regular user and you want the router lift to work pretty well for many years, router lifts made of steel will be the most reasonable choice. However, the router lifts made of aluminum or cast iron are also worthy.

Why do I need a router lift with a locking mechanism?

Router lifts with locking mechanism wards off vibrations and related externalities that may compromise the precision and quality of the output.

I’ve three routers and I’ve to use them according to the nature of the project that I undertake. Am I supposed to purchase three different router lifts for them?

Well, that is not necessary. If you buy a flexible router lift that can be used with most of the routers, that one lift will suffice.

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