10 Best Bandsaw for Resawing 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

There are numerous tools and machines used in the field of carpentry and woodworking and one of the most useful machines among them is the Bandsaw. The main purpose of a Bandsaw that differentiates itself from other machines is Resawing.

The reason for the Bandsaw to be used specifically for resawing is that it helps reduce the amount of wastage of wood in the process.

In this article you’ll get to know about the top five band saws for resawing in 2023, followed by a dynamic buyers’ guide and a few FAQs.

Top Band Saws Review

1. Wen 3962 Two-speed Band Saw

Wen 3962 Two-speed Band Saw


Out of the hundreds of band saws that have been reviewed the WEN 3962 is truly the number one bandsaw in the market today. This bandsaw consists of a 72 inches blade and a 14-⅛ x 12-½ inch beveling work table which makes it incredibly assuring for the user to cut wood without any compromises.

People are going to be looking forward to resawing massive woods with this machine and that is why this beast has a 3.5 amp motor that can generate about 2620 FPM which can make resawing even the most rigid woods a stroll in the park.

Resawing can be messy work with all the dust and waste materials that it results in, but we don’t have to worry about that cause the WEN 3962 has a 3-in-1 dust collection port for ensuring that we have a neat and tidy workspace.

Although assembling it may be a bit tough for rookies, the ease of handling it and the durability of the machine make it worth every penny.


  • Luminous LED work light
  • Additional stand for floor standing
  • Two Speed function to resaw at suitable FPMs

2. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw


Next in line is the hobbyist’s favorite Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw. This bandsaw is mostly popular for its elegant and classic design. Despite its immense amount of features, this is a very lightweight machine at just 68lbs.

It has a 13-¾ x 12-½ inch work table which is just the right amount of space needed for a comfortable woodworking session.

Because of its lightweight, it is very easy to transport and handle which makes it the perfect bandsaw for beginners or people with a congested workspace.

The machine is equipped with a simple yet powerful ⅓ HP motor which is a gem for elementary woodworks. And like the WEN 3962, it also has a dust collection compartment.


  • A facile blade adjustment
  • A mini fence to confine the shreds of wood produced during resawing to one place.
  • A safety paddle switch


3. DEWALT MAX Portable Bandsaw

DEWALT MAX Portable Bandsaw


This bandsaw is the most unique one among the other bandsaws featured in this article. Unlike the other bandsaws, this is a portable, handheld one!

This is a huge step up from the normal bandsaws as this is a machine displaying the perfect combination of comfort, performance, and durability.

This bandsaw consists of a 32 ⅞’’ blade which can slice woods like they were fruits.

For ensuring precise cuts through the wood, the whole unit has been perfectly designed such that there is equal weight distribution on both sides when the user holds it by its centered handle.

As a result of its amazing ergonomic design and ease of use, it is considered one of the best portable band saws in the present market.

Despite its vast amount of advantages, the machine is available at a very reasonable price.


  • It is a Lightweight machine so that there is less strain to the hands while cutting
  • Blade support system for better cuts
  • Inbuilt work light
  • Attached hook for hanging


4. Grizzly Industrial Resaw Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial Resaw Bandsaw


This bandsaw is particularly famous for its great standard for quality and performance.

It is the perfect bandsaw to be used in the industrial sector but can be helpful in a smaller environment as well.

It consists of an incredible 1.75 HP motor which is so powerful that it can do resaw cuts up to 12 inches thick.

As a result of its supreme motor, the blade speed in this machine is 3000FPM, which is the highest of all the bandsaws on the list.

It also includes a removable resaw fence which helps in maintaining the immovability of the wood on the table while resawing. This is a feature that is not present in all bandsaws.

With the presence of blade guides on both the upper and lower parts of the workspace, there is no chance of getting an imperfect resaw cut.


  • It has a table tilt facility up to 5 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.
  • Quick-release blade tensioning
  • A dust collection compartment
  • An inbuilt magnifying window for the fence system
  • Also instead of the regular ceramic table, this bandsaw has a broad cast-iron table


5. SKIL 9-Inch Bandsaw

SKIL 9-Inch Bandsaw


And last but not least we have the SKIL 9-inch Bandsaw which is the most affordable yet featureful bandsaw featured in this article.

Coming straight to the point this bandsaw is more of an elementary kind and may not be of much use in the industrial sector.

It contains a 12 x 11-¾ inch table which is sufficient for basic woodworks.

It is an extremely lightweight machine at 16.51 pounds which is why this bandsaw is a bestseller to households and carpentry beginners.

Like the higher-end bandsaws, the SKIL bandsaw also features a Rip fence system for stable resawing.


  • With the presence of the 120V motor, this bandsaw can crank up to 2800 SFPM
  • LED light for working in dim conditions
  • An inbuilt meter gauge
  • Functions on a corded electric power source.
  • A three-year warranty on the total product
  • And has a throat capacity of 9 inches.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Bandsaw for Resawing 2023

There is constant involvement of various parts in the bandsaw to make it function the way it should. Each component inside the machine is responsible for a specific attribute of the unit. And every bandsaw is unique in its way in terms of its performance and the field in which it is used.

So it is very important to pay attention to each attribute of a bandsaw to make sure it suits the field we are willing to use it in before buying it. So here are some of the attributes to pay attention to:

Blade Length And Blade Guides

Bandsaws that are used for simple household works tend to have shorter blades when compared to the ones used in industries. Generally, for the process of resawing, there is a need for a longer blade length for maintaining a neat and constant cut throughout the wood. Also if you’re a beginner it is best to use a bandsaw that has a long blade to avoid hand injuries.

Blade guides are the parts that make sure there is a precise movement of the blade in a specific direction. As the blade operates at very high speeds and is at contact with very rigid and irregular surfaces of wood there must be blade guides for avoiding imperfect cuts through the wood.

The Power Produced By The Motor

The bandsaw is only as good as its motor. The motor is one of the key components which influences the overall performance of the bandsaw. If the efficiency of the motor is directly proportional to its power. So the motor must have a power of at least 1 HP for it to be used in the process of resawing.

If you are not certain about the power of the motor and use it for resawing it could lead to serious damage to the blade of the bandsaw, so it is extremely important to pay attention to the amount of power a bandsaw produces.

Presence Of An Inbuilt Work Light

This may not seem important but it is, especially for those who work in dark conditions.

The work light is generally present right beside the blade facing downwards so that the user can know exactly how the wood is being cut. A work light is very important specifically in the case of resawing as it requires a very precisely measured cut and there is a high risk of hand injuries while doing it in the dark.

Fence System

A fence system is another essential component for bandsaws particularly for resawing. As it was mentioned earlier resawing requires a very fast blade and a precisely cut blade. So to get the perfect cut on the wood, the material has to be immovable/stable, here’s where the fence system comes into action. The fence is present right beside the blade of the bandsaw.

Whenever wood has to be renewed, it is put against the fence and then is taken through the blade to make sure the cut is perfectly straight. For offering the best stability to the wood the fence has to be at least 8 inches tall. Many band saws also come with a feature to adjust the level and direction of the fence.


So those were the top band saws for resawing of the year 2023 folks! The article has been enriched with all the information from the best bandsaws of the year to the basic attributes you have to pay attention to, for you to buy the perfect bandsaw according to your needs.

Although a large amount of facts and information is available on the internet about any bandsaw you want to know about, customers still had several questions related to both the mechanism and features of the bandsaws. I hope this article could help you find your perfect band saw and decrease your workload.


img source: cloudfront.net

1. Is lubrication required for bandsaws?

Normally bandsaws are already lubricated permanently and shipped from the manufacturer, so there is no need for lubricating them again. But in case of any rough handling of the machine or naturally occurred mishaps it is best to read the manual and take action accordingly.

2. How is the size of a bandsaw measured?

The size of a bandsaw is the distance between the blade and the throat of the bandsaw. This measurement determines the size of the largest wood piece you can resaw using the particular bandsaw.

3. Are there any other types of saws that are used for resawing other than bandsaws?

Yes, there is. The circular gang saw can also be used for resawing. But the procedure and mechanism of resawing using a circular gang saw is a bit different from a bandsaw so it is recommended that you use a bandsaw for resawing especially if you are a beginner.

4. Can a bandsaw be used to cut metal as well?

Yes, it can be, but it is best to use it for only basic lightweight metal works. The main difference that arises when comparing cutting of metal and cutting of wood is that metals have the property of malleability which makes resawing the metal without making any damage to it a bit difficult.

So to overcome this problem there are separate types of blades that are used specifically for resawing metals. Therefore it is best to use these types of blades if you’re willing to cut metal as well.

5. What is the best fence available in the market to use while resawing using bandsaws?

As you probably know, a fence system is used while cutting/resawing with a bandsaw to help support the wood and maintain a clean, straight cut, so it is best not to compromise in deciding the right fence system for your woodwork.

In the present market, the top five best fences for bandsaws especially for resawing are Kreg KMS7200, Woodhaven 7280, RIKON 13-900 14-inch (an amazing one especially if you’re interested in resawing larger materials), POWERTEC BS900RF, and the Carter Magfence II. And just to remind you, there is no compulsion for using only a branded fence system, you can even just design and make one in your workshop according to your needs.

Take a look at these bandsaw for resawing: