12 Best Subfloor Screws 2023 – Fix Floor Squeaking

Did you freak out when you heard your floor squeaking? You need not worry about it because this is not a big problem that cannot be fixed. The floors might need a little bit of maintenance, and that’s it.

Subfloors can be fixed just by using a few screws. You can install some screws to the floor joists before installing the new carpet or getting the walls painted.

Pair of screws and a drill would be enough to fix the creepy sounds coming from the floor. This process should be done with utmost precision and keep an equal distance from one point to another.

Several screws with different types of width are present. The best subfloor screws can be chosen among them according to your flooring. These will make it quiet and reduce the movements.

Best Fasteners for Subfloor

1. Phillips Flat TwinFast Wood Screws – Best Choice

Phillips Flat TwinFast Wood Screws


The Philips Flat TwinFast Wood Screws have a black phosphate finish and are rust-proof. These do not rust even when accidentally spilled water on. These screws have a protective layer of oxygen that extends their longevity. These are tested thoroughly after manufacturing and do not result in any damage during the application process.

The two perpendicular slots on the flathead make the installation process easy with the help of a drill machine. They retain their shape and do not deform because of the pressure being applied. The sharp pointed ends with excellent cuts allow you to fix these effortlessly without slipping out.

These cross-shaped screws have 2-inch lengths and are spiral. These provide a firm grip when installed into the subfloors. Hence these are one of the best subfloor screws that can make your floor quiet. A hundred pieces in a pack are more than enough for the floor and can even be saved to use at a later time as well.

  • Rust-proof wooden screws
  • Used in moist environments
  • Easy installation due to crosshead
  • Not suitable for heavy materials


These Philips screws are made up of steel and are rust-proof, making them durable and increasing their longevity. These can be used both indoors and outdoors because they are ideal for moist environments.

The flathead and spiral thread make the installation very easy. But these might not be suitable for every kind of subfloor because of their short 2″ length.

2. Hillman Flat Head Square Screws – Top Pick

Hillman Flat Head Square Screws


These screws possess all the qualities you look for in a screw for interior or exterior innovations. The flat-headed screw is also called slotted head screws and can be drilled easily into the plywood floors without damaging them.

After the installation, the floor becomes less noisy than before and has reduced movements as well. These screws are covered with chrome which enables them to use for a wide range of applications. These can be drilled very neatly into the surface without any problem.

The serrated edges of the Hillman Flat Head Square Screws can help them make their way into subfloors effortlessly without being rotated.

They do not damage the plywood floor because of the 17 cut points. These are heavy-duty connectors and can fix the floor with joists, so it no longer makes squeaky noises when being walked on.

These are available in four sizes and can be bought according to the thickness of the groove and tongue. These can be the best subfloor screws for you if you do not like drilling beforehand.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Have 17 cut points
  • It does not rotate, reduces torque
  • The screwdriver bit has to be bought separately


The Hillman Flat Head Square screws can be used for multiple purposes because of the different size ranges. The 17 cuts help them penetrate easily without damaging the surrounding surface.

These stay fixed and do not leave their specific location when being drilled. Though, they do not come with a bit which is very disappointing.

3. GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws – Best Rated Screw

GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws


These functional screws come in shiny silver or gold shade, which makes them look beautiful. Even if they are visible after the installation, they do not look bad, which is uncommon among the subfloor screws.

Most screws tend to focus more on the work than appearance, but GRK R4 ProPak Multipurpose Screws cover them all.

These screws keep the subfloors firm and in place, eliminating the sound as much as possible. As by the name, we can think of these as multipurpose screws that can also be used for fixing many other things around the house.

The GRK R4 is exceptionally durable with an anti-corrosion layer and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well.

The installation process is very effortless because they comprise the Torx drive system, made with the latest technology and reduces worker’s fatigue and load damage. Hence these flat-headed screws have a grip, are not wobbly, and can be the best stainless steel subfloors screws that increase productivity.

  • Uses the Torx drive system
  • Focuses on both function and appearance
  • A box contains 1300 screws
  • These can be heavy


The GRK R4 Screws use the Torx drive system, which does not damage the installation tools and ensures a solid installation. These have a nice shiny appearance and work perfectly to eliminate the creepy sounds of the subfloors.

These come in packs of 1300 screws that are sufficient in amount and can be used afterward. Though, these screws can be heavy because of the topcoat and robust build.

4. Qualihome Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screw

Qualihome Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screw


The Qualihome Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screw comes in 18 different sizes and can be used by DIY homeowners. The bugle head screws are used explicitly for indoor locations to join wood with wood, etc. These have intense pressure, which can be ideal for keeping your squeaky subfloor in place.

All the 18 different screws come with a work holder, which saves you from the hassle and increases your workflow.

These sharp screws are made with zinc and brass and can countersink easily.

These come with a fantastic grip and can easily hold up for a long time, which is impressive. Hence these can be the best screws to take that creepy sound away from your drawing-room floor.

This has a size of 1 5/8” and comes in a black color coarse thread. These have a larger pitch which does not damage the surface. This makes them ideal for subflooring, as the more extensive the pitch, the smaller is the tension. It causes less rotation which prevents sliding away of the screw from the designated area.

  • Each size has a different holder
  • Have a larger pitch
  • Grip and durability
  • Might corrode in harsh weather


The Qualihome Thread Sharp Screws come in a pack of 210 pieces and have a different holder for every size, making you efficient. These have a larger pitch that automatically reduces the damage in the surrounding area.

These can hold up nicely for an extended period but might corrode if installed outdoors under harsh climatic conditions.

5. WoodPro Fasteners Construction Screws – Best Construction Screws

WoodPro Fasteners Construction Screws


These WoodPro Fasteners Construction Screws are high quality and can quickly fix the doors, cabinets, and subfloors. These save you from the hassle of pre-drilling and best be used to fix the wobbly joists of your floor. They are manufactured with top-notch quality and use the Torx drive system.

While installation, these protect the surrounding area because less tension is produced. These gold galvanized screws have an Electro-Polyseal layer which protects them from hot temperatures during the drilling process. These can help the screws last for almost three decades easily without budging a bit.

These fasteners have a star-shaped head which ensures to un-complicate the tiresome installation process. These also help in tightening and untightening the screws in the tongue and groves.

These are solidly built and glides through the plywood floors smoothly. Hence these can be the best subfloors screws that keep them intact and mute without any movements here and there.

  • It has an electro-poly seal
  • Star shape head ensures effortless installation
  • Can last up to 35 years
  • Star head is small in size


These WoodPro fasteners come with a seal that protects them during harsh climatic conditions. The star head screws are easy to install and can be unscrewed as well.

These are incredibly durable because of the high-quality materials used in manufacturing. But the star head is smaller and is only compatible with its sockets.


What Subfloor screws are the best?

The Hillman Flat Head Square Screws are the best one out there. These reduce the torque and do not damage the surface during the installation process. These have a protective chrome layer and can eliminate the sounds of the subfloor.

Should the subfloor be screwed and glued?

Yes, the subfloor can be screwed and glued. It keeps them intact without losing grip. The glue helps the screws stay in place and do not rotate, making squeaky sounds when the pressure is exerted on them.

Can I put a new subfloor over the old subfloor?

Yes, you can put a new subfloor over the old one, but it is recommended to fix it first. If not, it will continue to make irritating sounds and become wobbly. To save yourself from a problem in the long run, it should be fixed beforehand.


A list of the best subfloor screws has been given in the article that can be your savior. These can be used to fix the wobbly joists of the floor without causing any external damage.

These possess some fantastic functions that can be the ultimate solution to your problem. You can even use these for other projects as well. Several fasteners are available in the market, and you can get hold of the perfect product for yourself.

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