Radial Arm Saws 2023 – Uses, Advantages And Comparison

Are you confused about different types of saws and their uses? Woodworkers have to deal with multiple tools and types of machinery to make their woodworking more efficient and detailed. In order to use the correct tool, you should know the tool you are using. One of the oldest and most efficient tools which are used in woodworking is the radial arm saw.

It was 1920 when the DeWalt company first inaugurated the radial arm. These radial arm saws basically make cuts and designs in wooden pieces. It consists of a circular blade, a stand which is known as a platform, and a handle to operate. It consists of an electrically operable motor that provides energy to the blade, and then the blade cuts.

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound


 Uses – Essential Guide

Radial arm saws are the oldest and most efficient invention in the field of woodworking which helps you in making versatile forms of cuttings to make your final project outstanding.

Uses Of Radial Arm Saws

For more extensive projects, you can also use radial arm saws for DIY projects and simple home projects. These radial arm saws are used for building larger and smaller furniture products and adding to the fine woodworking details in your projects. Furthermore, they work excellently for timber framing and other wood cutting on larger pieces.

Radial arm saws efficiently make rip cuts that go into the depth of the wood. These radial arm saws are perfect for making accurate and fine cuts. Moreover, these are also ideal for making cross-cutting across the planks of wood. These cross cuttings are specifically made for making the cuttings in the width of the wood. Both miter cuts: the angled cuts, and bevel cuts: the slanted cuts, are easy to do with the availability of these radial arm saws.

Advantages of Radial Arm Saws

  • Radial arm saws are the oldest and the most versatile tool used for woodworking projects.
  • It is operated by electric supply which makes it more convenient to use.
  • They are compelling and strong enough to handle large pieces of wood.
  • Radial arm saws make the cutting of the woods easier because of the presence of a sliding arm.
  • They are effortless to use and can easily be operated by beginners.
  • Radial arm saws are handy and portable to ensure you can carry them anywhere in your workplace changes.
  • They are efficient enough to work on a broad spectrum, including professional wood cutting on a larger scale, DIY projects, and even for home wood cutting purposes.

Comparison With Other Saws

We understood the primary uses and advantages of radial arm saw and from now onwards in this article, would be comparing these radial arms saw with miter saws and standard table saws.

Table Saws Vs Radial Arm Saws

Table Saws Vs Radial Arm Saws

When seen in comparison with table saws, these radial arm saws are comparatively better and more reliable. They are able to make variable cuts with more precision as compared to the table saws. When table saws are used they require another accessory to work efficiently and accurately, whereas there is no such scenario with radial arm saws.

The functioning of the radial arm saw makes it more beneficial as compared to table saws. This is because the blade moves itself to make cuts. It efficiently cuts the larger and thick pieces of wood automatically without you pushing the wood piece. Whereas when it comes to the table saws, you need to push the wood, which makes it challenging to cut in precision.

Furthermore, radial arm saws are pretty small and compact with lightweight features, whereas table saws are bulkier and heavier to move from one place to another. On the contrary, the table saws are more efficient and accurate in making rip cuts than radial arm saws.

Miter Saws Vs Radial Arm Saws

Table Saws

There is a little confusion here: the miter saws make more accurate and efficient miter cuts if you are a professional and experienced user. Whereas on the other hand, radial arm saws are more perfect when it comes to making miter cuts by the user who is a beginner.

Furthermore, radial arm saws are again the winner in versatility when compared to the miter saws. Because these radial arm saws can make multiple cuts very efficiently and accurately, unlike miter saws, a radial saw cannot cut the large width of the wood piece, whereas radial arm saws are perfect in such cuttings.

Miter arm saws are comparatively safer and consistent in functioning for long-lasting durability and efficiency. Whereas radial arm saws are weaker and are not much reliable because the blade is not adequately covered. Miter arm saws are recommended for beginners from a safety point of view.


Radial Arm Saws

What is a radial arm saw suitable for?

The radial arm saw is highly versatile and efficient in wood cutting. They are reliable in terms of versatility because they can make various and multiple cuts very efficiently and accurately. Furthermore, they are consistent in functioning and are very easy to use compared to miter saws and table saws.

How accurate are radial arm saws?

When measured in terms of accuracy, radial arm saw laws are highly recommended because they can make tree size and fine cuts more perfectly than other saws. Moreover, because of the unique functioning of the blade, it itself moves to make cuttings into the wood, these radial arm saws produce outstanding results.

How is the size of the radial arm saw determined?

By measuring the diameter size of the blade, radial arm saw size is determined. They generally lie in between 8 inches blade and 12 inches blade. The most renowned and famous size which is the most sold is the 10 inches blade. This 10 inches blade can easily make accurate cuts in 3 inches thick wood pieces.

Final Thoughts

Radial arm saws are older than miter saws and table saws. They are very versatile in functioning and can make various types of cuts very efficiently and quickly. An electrical supply operates it, and the blade itself moves to make cuts.

These radial arm saws are versatile in functioning and consistent in performance. They can cut large thick pieces of wood very conveniently without any strenuous efforts. Furthermore, the radial arm saws are still high in demand both for professional use and for home small DIY projects.

Check the list below and find a radial arm saw that is perfect for your woodwork.