How To Remove a Stuck Router Bit – 2023 Beginners Guide

I also had seen many problems with the stuck router bit. After researching, I can remove a stuck router bit now. I thought that you will also face this problem. So don’t worry, I am here to share my experience with you to solve your problem of how to remove a stuck router bit?

Problems of stuck bit

Different reasons can cause a stuck problem. I am going to list every reason, by which you can easily find which reason cause the problem of a stuck bit.

  • Dirty collet
  • Dirty bit shanks
  • Overtightened nut
  • Having an old router
  • Older collets that are not self-releasing

How to remove a stuck router bit?

After knowing the reason, you are waiting for the solution. There are many ways to solve this problem. You can try any technique for removing the stuck router bit. There is only one solution to this problem but you can achieve it with different methods.

The solution is to lose the nut you can remove the stuck bit. I would recommend you to not keep the bit in the collet after use.

Here I am going to discuss the methods. Let’s BEGIN!

Method 1: Arm-wrestle

The first method is freeing the stuck bit with the help of a wrench and glove. Place the wrench on the nut and rotate it to loosen. Rotate the wrench gradually. Then use a thick glove and grab the bit by twisting. This will help you to remove the bit from the collet.

Method 2: Clean dirty collet

Another method that prevents your router bit. As I mentioned that dirty collet is the reason for the stuck router bit. This method is very easy and simple. First, you have to do is to lose the nut with the arm-wrestle method. Then clean the collet with a piece of cloth properly. Carefully clean all the dust from the collet and also clean the bit with the brush.

Method 3: Tap on the bit shank

Stuck Router Bit step 1

A very simple, easy and useful technique. Take a router wrench and tap on the router bit shank with it. If it doesn’t loosen the bit then tap on the shank little harder. Don’t try to tap on the top of the router bit. This will help you to lose the nut and you can easily remove the router bit.

Method 4: Use wooden jaws

If the router is not self-releasing then your bit could be stubborn. Put your router in your workmate’s bench to loosen the nut. Place the collet and the bit between the wooden jaws and rotate it for free. Pull the router straight and twist till the bit remove.

Note: Always unplug the router before working with the bit!


Solutions of your problem are mentioned properly. This article will help you a lot. I also try to tap on the bit shank and arm-wrestle method. Router bits are not cheap so try to not put your bit in risk. Remove stuck router bit carefully. If you face any problem or have any query related to this topic then comment in the comment section. I am here to answer you. Best of luck!