10 Best Plunge Router 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are doing heavy-duty woodwork or just home-based woodwork, you always need the best plunge router to help you out.

Plunge routers are convenient, handy, and safe tools to make some wood crafts and designs on wood. Different brands offer their plunge routers to make your work easy and give you a more comfortable, safe room for working in the market.

Best Plunge Router

  Triton TRA001 3-1/4HP Plunge Rounter
  • Weight: 19.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 12.9 x 11.4 inches
  • Style: 3-1/4HP Plunge Rounter
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  Makita RT0701CX7 Plunge Router Kit with 1-Base
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 7 inchess
  • Style: Kit with 1-Base
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  Festool 574692 Corded-electric Plunge Router
  • Weight: 17.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.55 x 11.61 x 12.8 inches
  • Style: Plunge
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  Bosch 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP Combination Router
  • Weight: –
  • Product Dimensions: –
  • Style: W/ Router Edge Guide
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  PORTER-CABLE Router Fixed Base, Plunge Base
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 12.2 inches
  • Style: Router
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The Best Plunge Router (Review)

All plungers that are available in the market vary in their features, function, specifications as well as size and price too. Let’s take a look at the best plungers that are available in the market.

1. Triton TRA001 3-1/4HP Plunge Rounter

Triton TRA001


If you want the best plunge to do some wooden craft, then this Triton TRA001 is one of the best deals. The best thing about this router is that it can be used as a fixed base and as a plunger router. This ability overcomes all of its other features and prices too.

The weight of this plunger is 13 pounds, but it is a heavy-duty plunger so that you can do a lot of woodwork easily. Also, the power source of this plunger is corded, and that is why it has more capacity, the consistency, and usage time.

The dimensions of this plunger router are 10.2 x 12.9 x 11.4 inches. The use of pure metal as its raw material further increases its durability and usage. This Triton TRA001 is very easy to use as well as its setup is very effortless.

The changing of bits is very trouble-free, and you can start your work with this uncomplicated plunger. When the products give you a lot of benefits and ease in your work, it may have one or two drawbacks. Yet in this plunger, the disadvantage is that it collects dust and makes the machine working slow. Moreover, it also blows up dirt on the shield that makes the working difficult.

Overall, Triton TRA001 is investment-worthy and the best plunge router for a reason.

  • Spare power Effortless start Can be used as fixed or plunge router Ease adjustment
  • Dust collection

2. Makita RT0701CX7 Plunge Router Kit with 1-Base

Best Wood Router


If you are a woodworker or furniture maker, then you need some easy to use and light weighted plungers to cut your wood pieces in your desired shapes. For this purpose, Makita RT0701CX7 Plunging Router Kit is one of the best options to choose to make your work effortless and swift.

Some plungers have a high weight plunger in the market that is not able to cut the wood. The best thing about this plunger is that it is a very light plunger because its weight is just 4 pounds, which is pretty flimsy and helps you to cut the wood easily in any shape. The dimensions of this plunger are 17X10X7 inches, making its use more manageable and helping you carry this plunger easily.

It is made by brass that increase its durability as well as its power source is electric power that makes it able to do heavy wooden work easily. There is no need to insert a battery in it because it has 120 volts power. You just need to plug its switch and start working.

People always want some budget-friendly and easy-to-use products that make their lives easy and working. This plunger is a budget-friendly product with a lot of features that make your wooden work easy.

The inferior thing in this plunger is that its grip is not good because it has only one handle to carry it. Also, It is challenging to move the plunger with one handle and do the cutting of wood even with this plunger. Sometimes you may get some burns on your hand if you do not carry the plunger carefully. It is more durable, versatile, and economical, but you need to use it cautiously.

  • Budget-friendly Lightweight Brass material 120 volts power
  • Only one handle to carry the plunger

3. Festool 574692 Corded-electric Plunge Router


In the market, some plungers are not easy to handle. You need much more attention as well as care to use them and do your work. But if you are looking for a plunger that is easy to use as well as very safe in use, then the Festool 574692 Router is something more than that you want.

This plunger is not only safe to use but is also very easy to carry. The weight of this plunger is just 17.9 pounds, and its dimensions are 15.6x 11.6×12.8 inches that make its size more appropriate and gives ease with its working. Besides, its measurement system has a metric unit.

Its made of metal that makes it strong enough to work and increases its durability. Also, it is a corded tool, and it has a voltage power of 120 volts, and its wattages are 1400 watts. Its comfortable handle lets you cut wood more deeply as well as allows you to adjust the dial for accurate depth cutting control.

In the market, some plungers are not worthy as well as reliable because they take the dust while cutting the wood, and the working of machines becomes slow as well as difficult. But in this plunger, one of the best things is that it has merged dust uprooting ports that collect all the dust as well as the debris while woodcutting.

The dust uprooting ports increase the plunger versatility, extend the cutter life, and save time to clean the plunger. They make it easy for you to quickly clean the plunger, remove all dust, and cut wood with a more sharp cutter.

  • More durable Safe to use No need for a battery Dust uprooting More versatile
  • Expensive

4. Bosch 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP Combination Router

Bosch 1617EVSPK


A woodworker always needs a plunger that is not just easy to use, but also, the adjustment of its parts is easy too so that the cutting of wood becomes easy and safe. If you are looking for a convenient plunger, then you are in the right place because Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit is one of the best to choose from.

To cut the wood in different shapes and depths, you always need an easy to carry or some lightweight plunger that you can move quickly. This plunger is helpful because its weight is just 18.2 pounds, and dimensions are 6×11.5×11.6 inches. Moreover, its power source is corded electric, increasing its usage, versatility, and heavy work duty. Its voltage power is 120 volts while its horsepower is 2.25. You can plug it in an electric switch, and it is ready to use. It made up of aluminum that increases its durability along with this, making it strong enough to safely use in any condition and cut wood as you like.

This small plunger is very easy to use its parts adjustments; moreover is easy too. The powerful motor of this plunger with 2.25 HP/12 Amp power makes it’s working more smooth and strong. In addition to its power, it gives you a flexible range of motor speed from 8000 to 25000rpm, which you can adjust according to your needs.

  • High-speed adjustment 120 volts No need for a battery More durable
  • Base changing is very difficult Clamp release is tight

5. PORTER-CABLE Router Fixed Base, Plunge Base





If you use electronic tools and machines, you are already familiar with the porter cable’s name. They make the best quality power tools to give you more ease and comfort during your heavy work. PORTER-CABLE Router is famous in the market, and people like its use as well as working. The weight of this plunger is 14 pounds, as well as its dimensions, which are 9×6 x12.2 inches that make its use more easy and comfortable.

You can use it in both ways fixed as well as a plunge router no need to insert the battery in it because it has an electric power of 120 volts. You need to plug its switch and enjoy its security as well as easy working.

It is available in a grey color that makes its appearance and design more attractive. The best thing about this plunger is its motor speed and durability. When you do wood cutting work, you need a different range of speed as well as a heavy, strong supportive motor that makes your work easy and fast with more fine quality finishing.

The power of its electric motor is 2.5HP as well as it just needs an electric current of 12 amps for its smooth operations. The speed of the motor is consistent and gives you a range of speed to set. Yet its speed can be increased at 23000RPM to get more sharp ends at the edges of the wood.

  • High motor speed Durable Secure working High-quality work
  • One year warranty only

6. DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router/Plunge Base Kit



DEWALT DWP611PK is one of the best plungers that make your woodwork more comfortable and safe. Besides this, it is very lightweight as it just weighs 8 pounds. You can easily use it and carry it with your work tool kit. Its dimensions are 7 x 10.2 x19.2 inches. Moreover, its volts power is 120 volts as well as it has a horsepower of 1.25. Furthermore, its motor design is unique and durable. It gives you the ease to do heavy work and cut the wood with a compatible speed.

The speed of the motor is adjustable. You can adjust it from 16000 to 27000 RPM and make your cutting smooth with less effort of speed adjustment. It has dual LEDs on its sides that aids you in in-depth cutting. Furthermore, its sub-base is apparent and explicit, which clarifies your operation and working.

Also, it has adjustable rings that make it easy for you to make the depth adjustments according to your needs. The handles are made by soft rubber, yet these handles are molded inside to give you more grip and security during cutting. The base and motor of this plunger are made of aluminum that increases its durability more.

  • Lightweight Durable motor 1 HP horsepower Adjustable rings for depth cutting
  • Heat up more quickly

7. Bosch PR20EVS Variable Speed Router



If you want a plunger that works best on hard as well as softwood with variation in speed, then Bosch Router Tool PR20EVS is one of the best deals to choose from. When you are doing woodwork, you need a lightweight, easy-to-carry plunger to cut the wood easily and safely. This plunger is very light in weight because its weight is just 3.3 pounds that give you the ease to move the plunger on the wood easily.

Its dimensions are 9.4×7.4×4.7 inches. Besides this, it measures the system is a metric so it can easily make the narrow measurement and depth measurement. The power source of this plunger is corded electric that gives it more durability and increases its versatility. You don’t need to put any battery in it because it has a volt power of 120 volts as well as its horsepower is 1 HP.

To do hard woodwork, you need an easy to control plunger. This plunger has ergonomic and convenient palm grip designs that make it easy for you to carry the plunger while cutting wood.

Moreover, its grip also has a soft touch that does not make your hands rough during cutting. The base of this plunger is made of aluminum that increases its durability. To further increase its stability, it has unique projects for finger support. That makes it easy for you to cut the edges of the wood.

  • Lightweight Easy to use Ergonomic palm grip More durable
  • Narrow base

8. WEN RT6033 Woodworking Plunge Router

WEN RT6033



WEN already has a famous name in the industry of power tools and machines. Yet they are known because of their affordable, high-quality products. If you need a budget-friendly and long-lasting plunger, then nothing beats this WEN RT6033 plunger.

The working of this plunger is plenty higher than your expectations. Its weight is 19.25 pounds, and its dimension is 16.8×14.8 x 7 inches, making its use more comfortable and secure.

Moreover, it has some more competent in it that further make its use convenient like fence scale, dust collecting duct, the hard-shelled case, and a template guide that gives you instructions and tips to do quality work. In the market, different plungers are available with different features and safety tools. Still, this plunger is one of the most budget-friendly plungers with more features as well as safety tools.

The working of this plunger is not very complicated or technical. Anyone can start working with this best plunger and make the best quality wood products. Moreover, they also give you a 2-year warranty that is pretty good and gives you high customer support.

In this budget-friendly plunger, the motor is more durable and increases its versatility. Its motor power is 2.5 HP as well as it just needs 15 amp of electric current to get started its operations. The maximum speed of its mortar is 23000 RPM that is beyond your expectations at this low price.

  • Budget-friendly Two years warranty Durability 2.5 HP motor power
  • Standard quality control

9. Ryobi RE180PL1G 10-Amps Plunge Router

Ryobi RE180PL1G


If you want a simple yet high-performance plunger, then this Ryobi RE180PL1G is one of the best to get your hands on. It gives you a comfortable as well as safe room to do your woodworking and cutting easily.

Whenever you are doing some wood cutting work, you always need a tool or plunger that is easy to carry and lightweight. This Ryobi plunger is lightweight because its weight is just 10 pounds. You can easily carry it along with your tools kit anywhere and do high-quality work.

Its dimensions are 9.8×10.5×9.8 inches that make its design and working more efficient. It has a voltage power of 120 volts as well as the horsepower of its motor is 2 HP that makes it more robust and versatile.

The ergonomic handle design gives you more security, ease as well as safety to work. The Ryobi is already famous in the market for their high-quality power tools as well as their products’ great features. This Ryobi plunger gives you a 3-year warranty that makes a good deal if you buy this plunger.

The speed and working of its motor make it a more durable and efficient plunger. Besides this, you can easily adjust its motor speed, yet the highest rate of its motor is 25000RPM that is entirely worthwhile.

To start its motor, it just needs 10 amp of electric current to boot the motor and run smoothly. Furthermore, the soft start of its motor makes it long-lasting and saves the amount of torque that is usually wasted when we start the motor.

  • 3-year warranty Durable 10 amp electric current Soft start motor
  • A little bit expensive

10. Hitachi KM12VC Corded Plunge Router



If you need some noiseless and less vibration plunger, then Hitachi is one of the deals for you. It makes your work easy as well as gives you a comfortable room to make high-quality products with woods. It not only gives you easiness in working, but it also makes it easy for you to carry the plunger with your tool kit. Its weight is just 9.9 pounds, and its dimensions are 4×22.2×16 inches that make its design unique.

It also gives you fewer vibrations during your work and 79.7 decibels noise level, which makes it more silent and reduces the amount of noise to give you a relaxed environment for working. The color of this plunger is green as well as the power source is corded electric that increases its versatility, the consistency as well as durability.

The voltage of this plunger is 120 volts as well as the horsepower of its motor is 2.25 HP that makes it more strong to do long time woodwork. Also, its motor needs 11 amp of electric current to start its working. One of the discomforts in this plunger is that it has a balance problem because the base of this plunger is narrow. Also, the position of the motor is high, which makes the balance issue during working.

Furthermore, the adjustment knobs are excessively greasy, which makes you uncomfortable to adjust. After adjusting, it is necessary to wash your hands properly. Otherwise, your wood will become dirty because of the knob grease.

  • Less vibration Less noise 2.25 HP motor power No battery need
  • Balance problem Greasy knobs

Plunge Router Buyer’s Guide

The buying of some tools buying like hammers, screws, and jaws are easy and simple. But buying the plunger is a little bit difficult and technical because, in the market, different brands offer different features, material, and functions in their respective plunger.

It is easy to work with a machine that gives you a lot of functions and tools features. It is not comfortable to use a lot of tools when doing specific work. In the market, a plunger gives you different features and tools options inside them. Check the plunger that suits your work needs and demands.

Let’s take a look at the best plunger features and specifications.

Motor Speed

While working with power tools, the most important thing about them is their motor speed. Some plunger gives you the option of only high speed, and some provide only low speed while some give you the adjustable speed option.

The best plunger is to choose that gives you the high-speed opportunity because when cutting something, whether hardwood or softwood, you always need a sharp and fast cutter that quickly cuts the wood and makes the ends of wood sharp too. The plunger with high speed cuts the wood more sharply and makes the end more smooth.

Dimensions of Routers

Sometimes you need a small plunge router for your work because you only need to cut small pieces of wood, but sometimes you want a big plunge router because you have to make some cabinets or cut some large pieces of wood.

In the market, four sizes of plugs are available from which you can choose the one that suits your work and needs. Like palm router (small one), mid-size router (a common router), full-size router (strong as well as use for large productions)industrial router (use in extensive immense industries)

Take the plunger according to your need for work. If you want to do some simple and easy wood craftwork, then the palm router is best to choose.

Power Range

When you use some power tools for cutting, the one thing that matters a lot is its motor power. Different brands offer you the best plunger in the market, and all of them have different power ranges in their plunger. Some offer you low power while others offer you high power to increase the efficiency of your work.

Usually the plunger with a power range of 1.25HP to 2 HP is best to choose. Because They give you a fast working room and performance, it is also up to the marks.

Durability and warranty

People always like and prefer products that are more reliable and durable. While working, people that use tools always want long-lasting products. The best plunger is not the one that cracks, damages its internal parts, and is the one whose base got cracks due to vibrations.

The best plunger is always the one that is made by mainly aluminum, having a bit wide base as well as must-have LED lights on both sides to make the operations more clear like the depth cutting.

Different brands give different warranty plungers. Some give six months while others give a three years warranty. The more the warranty is, the better it is to pick that plunger.


What can I do with a plunge router?

You can use a plunge router for

  1. Making Joints
  2. Cutting edges
  3. Stringing
  4. Mortising
  5. Stopped dados

What is the difference between a plunge router and a trim router?

Trim routers can be considered as a small and low duty tool to trim edges. It has a lower horsepower as compared to a plunge router, which can be used for a lot of woodworks.

How much does a plunge router cost?

A good plunge router usually costs somewhere around 200 to 400 dollars. You can go for more cheap options, but they might underperform in some conditions.

Can you use a plunge router for edges?

Yes, you can use a plunge router for edges. You can also use trim routers for edges as well.

In short, it is up to you to choose which type of plunge router you want. Also, it depends upon your requirements and woodwork. If you still have any thoughts left, you can ask us in the comments.

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