M18 vs M18 Fuel 2023 – Power Tools Comparison

Is it difficult for you to decide whether you should get brushed Milwaukee M18 or brushless Milwaukee M18 fuel? Finding an accurate power tool for your usage can be an overwhelming process. Both M18 and M18 fuel have outstanding features and are excellent in their way.

There are several differences in terms of power, speed, run-time, and control. M18 is the standard line, whereas M18 fuel is the recent upgrade and comes with more enhanced and efficient features.

I am writing this detailed review of M18 vs M18 Fuel to help you out in finding a perfect power tool for yourself.

Comparison Between M18 & M18 Fuel

The well-known brand Milwaukee is known for its powerful and efficient tools manufacturers throughout the world. Milwaukee produced several power tools in various categories. Furthermore, among these tools, you will find M4, M12, M18, and M24.

This review will discuss M18 brushed and brushless power tools most commonly used in the construction sector, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works. M18 is a powerful corded tool with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery and is widely known for its durability and high-quality construction.

Milwaukee M18 Non-Fuel


M18 is an upgrade of the M12 power tool and comes with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, which is why they are termed M18. The manufacturers introduced this powerful cordless tool in the year 2008. The marvelous features include its powerful capacity, lightweight build, and portable construction.

Being light in weight, you can carry and move an M18 without any hassle. It allows you to work for longer hours without being fatigued. In terms of durability, its high-quality build allows you to use it for several years to come. M18 non-fuel comes with a brushed motor. You can choose either of these options depending upon your choice.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel


While getting the Milwaukee brand, you can blindly trust this company because of its incredible power tools. The newest upgrade in the line of the M18 power tool is the M18 fuel.

This cordless tool comes with unique features: a powerful brushless motor, an efficient battery, and an excellent communication system in terms of hardware and software.

M18 fuel can even work in tighter spaces; therefore, it is highly used by carpenters and workers. Moreover, it has a more powerful speed and capacity than the M18. This cordless tool comes with excellent run time and is highly durable.

The use of Red lithium batteries makes this power tool more efficient and it can stand against construction issues. I would recommend going for a newer line of power tools like M18-Brushless motor technology for greater efficiency.

Difference between M18 Non-fuel And M18 fuel

M18 vs M18 Fuel

1. Price

M18 fuel is different from M18 non-fuel in terms of price. As the M18 non-fuel are the standard ones, therefore, are cheaper. At the same time, M18 Fuel is the advanced form of the M18 line and is 40 percent more expensive than M18 non-fuel.

2. Speed

In terms of speed, M18 fuel has a higher speed than M18 non-fuel. M18 fuels are made with brushless motors; therefore, they have a higher capacity to perform better than M18. Moreover, M18 fuel is more versatile than M18 and works at a fast speed. You can constantly adjust its speed depending upon your work.

3. Energy Requirement

M18 usually comes with a brushed motor and therefore requires high energy to operate a machine. In contrast, M18 fuel comes with a brushless motor and needs a minimal amount of energy.

Both M18 and M18 fuel are made with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, but with M18 non-fuel, you will have to charge the batteries because of their high energy consumption frequently.

In contrast, with M18 fuel, you do not have to charge the battery often because of low energy consumption.

Hence, the run time of M18 is less than M18 fuel.

4. Safety

As already discussed, the M18 usually works with a brushed motor. A brushed motor emits fumes and generates sparks that can be hazardous for workers during construction. The spark can get fire if working around flammable material or place.

M18 fuel comes with a brushless motor. A brushless motor does not generate a spark and hence is a safer option than M18. Moreover, M18 fuel can be used near flammable material without fear of fire.

5. Compact And Control

M18 fuel is more compact and handy than standard M18. The power tools are used to reduce the workload and save time. The M18 standard power tool with a brushed motor will take more time to complete the task and need higher control because of vibrations.

In contrast, M18 fuel needs low maintenance and control because of its brushless motor operation.

6. Less Maintenance

The cordless power tool standard M18 non-fuel contains different parts, so it needs proper maintenance if anything goes wrong with a brushed motor. M18 fuel with brushless motors contains fewer parts and is easy to maintain.

Hence we can say that standard M18 fuel is more durable than M18 non-fuel.


Milwuakee Fuel

1. Can I use the M18 battery in M18 fuel?

Yes, you can use an M18 non-fuel 18-volt lithium-ion battery in M18 fuel as both the power tools can use 18-volt batteries. But, M18 fuel comes with a red-lithium battery with more battery life and a run time than M18 non-fuel.

If you can not find a battery for M18 fuel, you can change that battery to a standard M18 battery.

2. Is M18 fuel more powerful than M18?

Yes, M18 fuel is more potent than M18. The high power is due to the brushless motor present in M18 fuel. Moreover, the M18 fuel comes with Red lithium-ion powerful batteries. It also comes with an efficient software and hardware communication system.

3. Is M18 fuel worth the extra money?

Yes, M18 fuel is worth the extra money. M18 fuel is 40 percent more expensive than standard M18 because of its powerful speed, efficient battery, compact design, more safety, less energy consumption, less maintenance, and fewer parts.

Furthermore, M18 fuel has a longer run time than M18 non-fuel


M18 and M18 fuel are both power tools manufactured by Milwaukee. The M18 is the standard version; on the other hand, the M18 fuel is a more advanced version of the M18 with excellent battery life, outstanding speed, and an enhanced communication system.

You can opt between any of these two tools depending upon your need. Both the tools are durable, efficient, and well-built.

If you want a cheaper power tool for a minor task, then M18 non-fuel is best for you. It was a detailed review about compassion between M18 and M18 fuel.

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