7 Types Of Woodworking Routers – 2023 Ultimate Guide

A good router for woodworking provides a multipurpose operation to the user. It offers excellent finishing, cutout patterns, sharp edges, and making perfect surfaces. Getting the best router for woodworking will open endless possibilities of creating different wood outlooks for you.

There are various types of routers present, which have their own unique functioning and provide remarkable effects. Well, in this article we will be explaining to you different types of routers that you can buy for woodworking.

If you are confused about buying the best router then this article will be your knight in the dark. Here is a guide on different types of routers that will make it easy for you to select yours accordingly.

The variety of routers makes it difficult for a person to choose the best one for themselves. The different types of routers for woodworking are specialized for performing different kinds of functions. To select according to your needs is really tricky. This guidance will surely make it easy for you to pick yours!

Complete Router Buying Guide – Types & Examples

If you are thinking of starting work on your own, then you must need instruction and information about several types of routers for woodworking. Well, keep on reading the article to acquire knowledge about different types of routers with examples.

1. Fixed Base Router

DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, Variable Speed, Soft Start


Fixed base routers are considerably best for all purposes of Woodworking. These kinds of routers are best for shaping the edges smoothly. The base of these routers is leveled and provides even sticking. For a satisfactory check, you can use a wooden edge.

The best-fixed base router that one can buy is a DEWALT Router, Fixed/Plunge Base Kit, best suited for edge working. For such kind of Woodworking, you can use a multi-base router that changes the cut depth conveniently.

2. Heavy-Duty Routers

Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit


Another type of router is a heavy-duty base router. The size of these routers is quite suitable to work on.

Well, you can buy a Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit for the best working. The heavy-duty routers are good to make multiple designs on the wood, cutting patterns, and grooves. These routers will resue the broken part of the wood. The heavy-duty router comes with a capacity of holding a wood cutting off about 1 ½ collet size.

3. Medium-Duty Router

Milwaukee 5625-20 15 Amp 3-1-2-Horsepower Fixed Base Variable Speed Router with T-Handle Height Adjustment Wrench


The medium-duty routers primarily come in between the heavy-duty and light-duty routers. If you are looking for a more delicate machine to work on, then you must buy a medium-duty router. It consists of a motor that has both a fixed and plunge base.

The best medium-duty router that you must select is Milwaukee 5625-20 Fixed Base for precise results. Well, the medium-duty router puts a limit on heavier work requirements. The collect size of this router has a capacity of about ½.

4. Light-Duty Routers

PORTER-CABLE Porter Cable Router, Variable Speed, 1/4-Inch Laminate Trimmer


Light-duty routers fall in para-professional tools; they do work but are not suitable for a professional type of functioning. If you are a hobbyist, then you must buy a PORTER-CABLE Porter Cable Router, which will provide you maximum benefit.

For a shorter work session or for occasional usage, the light-duty router might work better. Its smallest size allows it to lodge a little bit. Its maximum working capacity is less, and its collect size varies and depends on the model, which is ¼, and sometimes ½.

5. CNC Routers

CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers are basically advanced routers, which are best for advanced functioning. The CNC routers are specified for interior and exterior wood designing, door carvings, moldings, shaping wooden frames, boards, and wood panels.

If you are looking for this kind of router, then you must pick a CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit. These kinds of routers (CNC) are basically used in the industries and provide a bulk of unique and alluring work.


What Router Should I Buy for Woodworking
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What is the best wood router for beginners?

The best wood router for beginners is the light-duty router, and these routers provide maximum benefits for initial workers. For small sessions and less work, these are the best to select for buying.

Is a router necessary for Woodworking?

The routers are best for precise and neat cutting of the woods. It provides a smooth edging and perfect finishing to the woodwork. Routers make the leveled cuts and curved edges which provides an attractive look.

What do woodworking routers do?

Well, the woodworking routers are best for cutting smooth edges, making cutouts, designing and shaping the doors, and decorative surfaces.

How do I choose a wo#odworking router?

One can choose a router for woodworking according to the type and work they want. There are several types of routers that are specialized for different functioning. To choose, you need to know about the work you want to do and the features the router is offering.


After reading this article, you might get the idea of different types of routers for woodworking. Different types are differently versatile in functioning and working and provide meticulous outcomes.

Depending on the kind of work you want to do and the router capacity, one can select the best routers for themselves. Now select your own router for Woodworking according to your need and type you want!

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