Router Bits Types – 2023 Ultimate Guide

Shaping up the edges of the shelves, making the top counters, and designing the parts of furniture requires great struggle.

Earlier many woodworkers and carpenters used drills for making furniture that was highly time-consuming and requires lots of strength. But the invention of the router bit was something that was lifesaving for the carpenters.

The router bits are available in different sizes that have different functions. According to the requirement of the furniture, the carpenters can opt for the bits for smoothing the edges or designing the furniture parts.

These bits can be used in different ways in a single router for enhancing the beauty of the wood and furniture pieces.

Router Bit Types

5 Essential Router Bits - Woodworking For Beginners

The router bit is a very portable tool of the toolbox used by carpenters for shaping, cutting the wood into different designs, and constructing different edges.

Router utilizes different bits of different sizes that make it easier for woodworkers to design the wood according to the design.

Following are the different types of router bits having different functions and sizes.

Straight Cutting Router Bit

This is one of the most commonly used bits for straight cutting of the material and making the grooves.

There are various sizes available for these cutting bits but the most commonly used sizes in inches are 1/2,1/4, and 3/4.

Many woodworkers prefer bits with the pilot that retain the position of bits. A straight cutting bit does not have any pivot, so make sure to use it carefully while cutting the edges.

Rabbeting Router Bit

For cutting the notch or rabbet of the material into edges, rabbeting router bits are used. These router bits are of L-shape that make the edges of panels horizontally and vertically.

The ball bearings of various diameters present in these router bits allow them to make several dimensions of rabbet with a single bit.

The most traditionally used is 1/2-inch deep and 3/8-inch wide. The joints formed by these bits are used in cabinet making like tops, drawers, etc.

Flush Trim Router Bit

If you are working with wood veneer or laminated plastic to build tabletops, counters, and cabinet drawers then buy Flush trim router bits.

These flush trim router bits are equipped with ball bearings that are similar to the cutting radius.

They have the ability to create similar shapes with a single bit while trimming and edging the drooping surfaces. The most used size of this bit is 1-inch long and 1/2-inch wide.

Edge Forming Router Bits

Edge-forming router bits

For decorating the wood edges and making them unique, edge-forming router bits are mostly used.

Edge forming bits comes in various different types that make different designs on wood edges. Following are the most used edge forming router bits are:

Roundover Bit

These router bits are used to make the edges of wood in a round shape. For making the arms of chairs, edges of shelves, and tabletop, these round-over bits are used.

The pilot present above this bit helps in maintaining the cut width. They also have ball bearings that are available in many sizes but the most used ones are 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch.

Roman Ogee Bit

As the word Ogee in the Roman Ogee Bit means S-shape, these bits are the most trending bits of 1/4-inch radius size is used for cutting the wood panels and edges to make top counters, horizontal rails, and frames of pictures into decorative forms having classical details.

The bit has ball bearings that help in regulating the width cutting. The bits have three sizes of radius include 1/4-,3/8-, and 5/32- inches.

Cove Bit

These bits are used to cut the edges of the material in a concave shape. These bits are used to make the edges of furniture more attractive and beautiful including the legs of beds, bookshelves, the door of cabinets, etc. The radius sizes of the cove bit used by many woodworkers are 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch.


How do you size a router bit?

By measuring from the top of the bit to the lowest part of the cutting edges, you can easily get the length of the router bit.

How do I choose a router bit?

There are multiple types and sizes of router bits available having their own specifications. In order to get the possible outcomes out of it, you need to regulate the speed of the router according to the diameter of the bit.

What are different router bits used for?

The main function of router bits is to shape the edges, construct the wood joints, and form grooves.


Router bits are used by carpenters and woodworkers for enhancing the beauty of their wood pieces.

There are different types of router bits that have various sizes, having various specifications.

For making the top counters, cabinet drawers, and doors, edges of bookshelves, chair arms, these different types of bits are used in a single router.

As these router bits are portable, they are the most used tool by carpenters.

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