What Are The Different Types Of Jigsaw Blades? – 2023 Guide

When it comes to working with hard objects such as metal or wood or comparatively soft objects such as plastic or aluminum, having the right jigsaw blade can give you a pleasing performance. To give you more versatility and accurate performance, makers have designed different models of jigsaw blades. We can’t come to disagree that this is a great initiative.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about their features, you may end up buying the wrong jigsaw blades. This will not only hamper the quality of your work but also waste your valuable time and money.

But let’s not get all worried already. We are here to rescue you from that annoying feeling of indecision by giving you the right information you need to find the ideal blades for your jigsaw.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss what are the different types of jigsaw blades. Let’s get started.

Before we dive into the classification, it is essential to know what a jigsaw is? When it comes to making precise cuts in hard objects such as wood or metal also in soft materials such as aluminum or PVC, we need a jigsaw, whatever it is a corded or cordless one. Therefore, a special saw helps you cut hard objects by using a perfect blade. If you want to know more about jigsaw please follow this site.

What are the different types of jigsaw blades?

Jigsaw Blade

Let’s get back to the business. So, what are the different types of jigsaw blades? Well, there are various types of jigsaws available in the market, depending on their need. We can classify jigsaw blades in different ways, such as type of shank, teeth count (TPI- teeth per inch), and type of metal that was used to build the blades.

Some jigsaws come cordless, and some need a cord to get power. If you have been annoyed by your jigsaws cord, here you can find some of the best cordless jigsaws in the market.

Today we are going to talk about their classification based on their type of shanks:

Depending on the type of shanks, jigsaw blades are classified into 3 types such as:

  • T-shank
  • U-shank
  • U-shank with a hole

T-shank Jigsaw Blade:

T-shank Jigsaw Blade


Nowadays, T-shank blades are the most widely used for cutting purposes. So, they have been designed to fit in various types of machines. At the pick of their shank, they have a tang that helps it fit into any jigsaw clamp.

There are plenty of U-shank Jigsaw, which also supports T-shank blades. So,

U-shank Jigsaw Blade:

U-shank Jigsaw Blade


You can easily recognize this blade by seeing its U-shaped cut at the tip of its shank. Once they used to rule the market, but in recent times people have been switching to T-shanks because of their user-friendly design.

We would highly advise you to check carefully before purchasing whether your jigsaw blades are compatible with the jigsaw or not. Some of the latest models won’t support the U-shank design.

U-shank jigsaw blades with holes:

U-shank jigsaw blades with holes


There is some very older model of jigsaw blades, which comes with an additional hole made into it. Working with this type of blade is a bit complex and consumes a lot of time, so users do tend to avoid it.

What is the difference between T-shank and U-shank jigsaw blades?

Jig Saw Blade T-shank and U-shank

A T-shank blade lets you replace them quite easily. In order to replace it all, you have to just give a simple push in the button of the jigsaw. In the case of U-shank, you will need to use a tool to replace that.

They can be fitted in with almost all the jigsaws out there. T-shank will make your work less time-consuming and more comfortable.

Do jigsaw blades fit all jigsaws?

You might be happy to know that nowadays, modern blade technology allows you to fit jigsaw blades with almost all variations of jigsaw machines out there. If you have been wondering to know that are jigsaw blades universal?

The answer is Yes. Almost all types of jigsaw machines can hold T-shaped blades so in most cases jigsaw blades are interchangeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are t-shank and u-shank jigsaw blades interchangeable?


Well, I hate to say this, but No, the T-shank and U-shank blades are not interchangeable. When it comes to clamping the U-shank blade in a jigsaw shaft, you have to do that with the help of a set of a screw.

On the other hand, the T-shank blade is clasped by a clamp that moves directly into the finish line of the jigsaw shaft.

Can I use a T-shank blade in a U-shank jigsaw?


Yes, in most cases, you would be able to. The T-Shank blades are the most popular and widely used in the industry and also adopt. Don’t worry if you have a u-shanks jigsaw. You may use the t-shank blade by using a little modification. However, There are many Jigsaw is accepting both types of shanks ( T-Shanks and U-Shank blade)

Are t shank and U shank jigsaw blades interchangeable?

Most manufacturers are using t-Shank blades as a standard, which makes it easy to change the blades while needed.

U-Shank blades are still available in the industry, but t-Shank has become more popular.

T-shank has become more famous for its tool-less blade change to make swapping blades faster and easier.

Final Words

We believe this piece has made it clear for you about the different types of jigsaw blades you can go for. Depending on your needs and the type of project you are running, you can choose any of the jigsaws that we have discussed to make your cutting job even smoother.

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