Difference Between Router and Trim Router? – Which One Is for What

There are multiple tools available to aid in performing several woodworking jobs effectively. Similarly, routers are one such tool that will totally tune up your wood crafting skills. They provide authentic working and make the operations quite easy for the woodworker. However, different types of routers are dedicated to specific types of tasks.

For fun DIYs at home and small-scale projects, routers are an ideal fit. Whereas, trimmers are dedicated to trimming purposes and give you some fine finishing. So, it depends on the project whether you need a router or trimmers for your work. Read the article below to enlighten yourself further with the difference between Router and Trim Router.

Router vs Trim Router – Woodworking Comparison

The router and the trim routers both are used for woodworking projects, but it depends on the nature of the work you are doing. For selecting one of them, firstly, you need to know the difference between both of these routers. After knowing the difference, you can easily select the best suitable router for your woodwork.


wood Router

A wood router comes in a variety of sizes and types. Some famous types being fixed-based routers, plunge base, and many others. For random projects and work, most people choose the compact router because they are portable and easy to use.

From cutting desirable edges to flawless wood patterns, the routers are best to use. A router is a tool that is used for routing and making a hole in a relatively hard area of the wood.

The routers play a major role in carpentry and woodworking. The routers are commonly used to plunge the tool.

Routers are handy and are best to use for beginner woodworkers. They are sturdy and powerful tools. Cutting the narrow piece of the wood is challenging, but the routers provide smooth cutting of the edges. The router provides fine finishing of the narrow parts and sleek cutting designs.

Uses of Routers

Routers are best for leveled cutting off the edges and provide precise and satisfactory results. Not just this, there is a variety of work that a router can perform. The router is of easy and quick use to the woodworker and allows endless benefits. The other uses of routers are:

  • The routers can shape stylish molding
  • It provides easy cutting of dadoes
  • Carves out clean rabbets
  • Re-create the wood patterns
  • It is also used for recessing door hinge

Trim Routers

trim router

A trimmer is light in weight and a small router. It is basically used for rinsing the edges after applying the laminates. The smaller size of the trimmer does not allow it to do work in larger bulk. The trim routers are basically used for trimming purposes. Its convenient size provides easy working and handling.

Trim routers are handy, and their compact size allows woodworkers to use them with one hand only. A guide bearing is also attached to the router rather than the router bit. The purpose of this is to avoid scratching the bearing from the laminates.

The trim routers are best for performing handy tasks, including simple and easy routing. You can also purchase the extra router bits as well, depending on the work and project.

The trim router has a collect capacity of about ¼ inches, which is quite small for simple working.

Uses of Trim Routers

Well, if we talk about its uses, then it is used for small and simple tasks. A trim router is a tool that should be in every wood workshop. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks, and some of them are:

  • A Trim router is best for removing small pieces of wood
  • Its cutting speed is greater, which performs tasks in less time
  • It is best to edge the laminate
  • Allows more precise cutting and finishing
  • Best for rounding over the edges


router vs trim router

Well, both the tools are best for woodworking but selecting them for a project, then you must know the difference between them. Both of them are quite different in functioning and usage. Following are the differences that will make it clear to you when selecting the most suitable tool according to the work requirement.

  • Trimmers provide more benefits than routers. The basic advantage of a trimmer router is trimming laminate.
  • While using a trimmer router, you make fewer mistakes, and it also reduces scratching.
  • Routers are used for larger woodwork, while the trimmer is light in weight and portable making them suitable for small-scale woodworks.
  • Trimmers are not meant for heavy-duty tasks because of their small size. The router performs the essential operations that the trimmer lacks.
  • Routers are more versatile in nature and work, and they perform every operation that a trimmer can do but are not good at trimming laminate.


wood Router

What do you use a trim router for?

A trim router is a small and powerful tool that must be present in every workshop. It can be used for a variety of tasks like trimming, hinge mortises, hardwood edging, accurate cutting, and much more.

What should you not do with a router?

You should avoid putting anything near to it. Place your hand away from the cutter to avoid any danger. Secondly, do not overload it because it will affect its speed.

Do I need a router tool?

Yes, one needs a router tool in their kit. It is portable and best for cutting, shaping, trimming, laminating, and performing other tasks. It is a versatile tool and is best for all kinds of woodworking.


Both the products are similar and work best on their own. It totally depends on what kind of job and project you are thinking of working on. Knowing the difference in-between both the tools will make it easy for the one to select it according to the work and situation.

Now you can pick the router according to your task and the nature of the project.